More than 50 Christmas Cake Design Ideas & New Year Cakes Images in 2021

Christmas Cake Design Ideas & New Year Cakes Images Latest on Bakery Sale

Christmas is a celebration which Christians make on Jesus Christ Birthday. As this festival falls only once a year, people celebrate it with all passion and thrill. People start making plans much earlier than this festival which takes place on 25th December. People start making preparations month before it. Then immediately after X-mas falls New Year which is about 6 days later. Thus, preparations for these occasions take place together. This entire duration is a festive season which is in winter at most places. For both the occasions of this season the most important element of celebration is a Christmas cake o a New Year Cake. We together call it Christmas and New Year Cake. Choose and make use from the following ideas.

Most Bought Cakes in New Year and Christmas

Below are above 50 Christmas Cakes and New Year Cakes for Party Celebration to Buy from Bakery:

1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Cakes

Cake from Christmas and New Year Bakery
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Cake Photo

2. New Year and Christmas Cake Design

Red Festival Seasons cake image

3.  Conventional Brown Cake for Festivals

Festive seasons tasty cake idea

4. Bakery Eatable Item for Christians 

Cake on Online Purchases for bakers

5. A Christian Bakery Cake Image

Chocolate flavour cake for December season

6. Cake for Christmas Bakers in December Festive Season

Xmas Tree Cake design idea

7. Bakery Designed Cakes on Sale in Festivals Season

A round cake for Christmas and New Year

8. A designer themed cake of modern time on X-mas Occasion

Aqua theme cake for parties of New Year and Xmas

9. Cake on Jesus' Birthday 

A Designer cake for all New Year Parties and Celebrations

10. Plate Cake for Party and Gifting on Christmas Fest

A typical Christmas Cake as per Tradition for Christians

11. Most Gifted cake on Christmas Season through Online Orders 

Beautifully designed Clock Shaped Cake for New Years

12. December time Highest Online Order  Booking Cake

Tasty eatable stuff mixed cake for New Years and Christmas season

13. Celebrations cake for Winter Festivals 

Brownie Cake for Season of Festivals

14. Fruits and Spices cake for Party

Toppers with Dry Fruits and Fruits Spicings

15. Usual Cake for Parties in New Year

Regular theme cake for celebration

16. Decorated Cupcakes placed on table for festive feast

Beatifully designed white and brown cupcakes

17. Modern Style Cup Cakes for Parties and fun Celebrations

Cup cakes for all festivals and parties of young and old

18. Christmas cake for young Boys and girls

X-mas cake for boy and girl

19. Newly Trending Christmas Cake 

Newest Trend Christmas Cake at bakeries

20. Now Trending Cake on Christmas Season

Designer Cake Trends on New Year and X-as these days

21. Toppings for Serving to the Party People in New Year's Eve Party

New Year Eve Party Cake Idea

22. Art work on Cake for festival Celebrations

A very artistic cake for New year and Xmas guests

23. An elegant style Cake for New Year and Christmas Eve Parties

A cake decorator designed elegant cake image

24. A Rectangular Designer Cake in Modern X-mas Parties

A rectangular Cake that is served in Jesus Christ Birthday and New Year Party

25. A Cake kept for Party feast on Christmas Occasions

A bakery stuff kept for guests to come and eat

26. Merry Christmas Cake of original style and taste

Easy design cake for New Year and Christmas party

27. A Jesus Christ Birthday Religious Cake for Christians 

Christians celebrate in modern times with newly designed fashion cakes

28. Cherry Toppings Pastries Cake for New Year Party

Bakery eatable with red cherry toppers

29. A Small Party Get Together Bakery Edible 

People gatherings small cake for party feast

30. A popular Large Christmas Cake in Cup Cakes Components design

Cupcakes in tiers for party celebration on Christmas and New Year

31.  Large Cupcakes for New Year and Christmas Party at Right Prices in the Market

Reasonable prices cupcakes on festive season

32. Christmas cake in Small Balls shape colorful design

Colorful balls decorated cake for New Year Parties

33. Holy Christmas and New Year Celebration Cake

Decorative Festive Season Cake for December Parties on Christmas and New Year

34.  Pastry and Cake for Gifts on Christmas and New year

Pastries and cake design ideas for celebrations and gifting

35. Fruit Theme Cake with exotic designs

A Fruits and Natural theme Cake for party people

36. Church shaped Cake on Holy Christmas celebration occasions

Cake showing a Church design idea for Christmas Gifts and Parties

37. Jesus Christ Birthday Party Cake Photo with Quote Text

Christ Birthday Cake Design

38. Toppers Decorated with Beautiful Festive Mood and Timing

A December festive occasion cake

39. Layered Foam Cake design

Layered Bakery Pastry and eatable item

40. Multi-tier Cake for all Parties and Festive Celebrations

41. Santa Clause and Children's Cakes as Xmas gift

Topper showing Santa and kids celebrating together

42. New Year Quote Topper direct from Baker

Happy New Year Cake with Quotes

43. Happy New Year Cake as Gift for Someone You Love

Cake gift for beloved on New Year Occasion or Xmas

44. New Design Cake in the bakers market

Bakeshops design on Christmas Fest and New Year

45.  A Rectangular Cake for Traditional New Year party

Conventional Ne w Year Bakers Stuff for Party Idea

46. Toppers with New Year Design Shape as You like

Toppings with New Year Theme and Ideas

47. New Year Wishes cake for sending to lovers

New Year time bakery eatable item

48. New Year Cake with Name and text 

New Year Eve Gifted Cake with Name on Top Surface

49. Maroon Cake Elegant Style with Name Text

Textual Surface Quotes or Name on Topper

50. Ideas and thoughts of Newly Styled New Year Cake

New Year Cake Ideas for Party or Gift on Sale

51. High Seller New Year Cake 

One of the top selling New Year Cakes

52. Beautifully Printed Text on Fondant Cake on New Year

New concept cake topper for festive and celebration seasons

53. A High Demand Right Price cake on New Year Occasion

New Year and event party Cake Image

54. Partying and Drinking Theme Cake for New Year and Christmas Get together

A party and wild celebrations cake for New year and Christmas parties


There are a variety of choices of Christmas and New year Cakes in the December season of festivals. There are so many offers and deal available to choose any of them from bakery sellers. Customers should choose the best quality eatable material and reasonable price cakes for events and celebrations in the festive season. Start planning for buying New Year and Christmas cakes for festive season.

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