What Happens when there are More than 2 Candidates for American President's election?


There are more than 2 candidates for the US presidential election

In the cognition of most people, the 2016 U.S. presidential election is just a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In fact, every time the United States votes in the presidential election, voters have many candidates on the ballot. The first is presidential candidates. In theory, other political parties or people without party affiliation in the United States can certainly run for president, so there will be many presidential candidates. Mainly because of the rules of American elections, each party can only send one candidate to participate in the final stage of the presidential election. 

Before the final party nomination, both Republicans and Democrats will conduct primary elections within the party and elect a person to represent their party. It's just that independent candidates are not worth mentioning when compared with the influence of other parties and Republicans and Democrats.

 They have little influence and basically have no votes. Therefore, candidates from other small parties cannot be elected. Every presidential election feels like there are only two final candidates. It is because only the presidential candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties are truly competitive.

 In addition to the presidential candidates, there are also federal senators and congressmen who are re-elected during the same term, as well as members of the states and municipalities where the voters are located. 

What's on the U.S. election ballot? 

People of a certain country are puzzled. Why do they still run if they have made it clear? 

In fact, Americans don’t understand equal elections-the election of just one candidate. I look down on these candidates. Should I choose someone else?

 The answer is OK. As long as you want, you can directly fill in the person you like or your name in the "write-in" column of the ballot. This is called a write-in vote.

 Not only the presidential election, but in almost any election in the United States, voters are allowed to vote for any candidate. 

During the general election, the Democratic Party has already criticized the independents because many people-especially young people-are very rebellious not to vote for Hillary Clinton. But vote for the Green Party candidate Jill Stein who has no chance of winning and loves environmental protection. And Johnson of the Liberty Party, severely diverted the Democratic vote. 

Many people think this is a very immature behavior. For young people, refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton for a slightly different point of view is equivalent to voting for Trump.


How many People Applied for 2016 U.S. presidential election?

During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a total of 1,780 people applied to the Federal Election Commission to run for the presidency. 

Since votes in the general election are counted by state, the relevant election laws are passed by the legislature of each state. 

Last time candidates of US Presidency Elections

According to the law, candidates must obtain certain qualifications before they can list their names on the ballots for voters to vote; due to the different laws of each state, each state has different qualification requirements for candidates.

 For example, Arkansas requires any political party to be the nearest governor Or if you win at least 3% of the vote in the presidential election, you will be eligible to list your party’s candidate on the ballot in the next election. 

For independent candidates, obtaining a certain number of voters' signature support is a necessary condition. California's minimum signature requirement is 178,039, and Arkansas only needs 1,000.

 Comparative Analysis of 2016 US Presidential Election with 2020

In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a total of 31 people were officially listed as presidential candidates in each state ballot. Among them, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party were in all 50 states. Are listed as the official presidential candidate on the ballots.

 Jill Stein of the Green Party is listed as the official presidential candidate on the ballots of 44 states, and three other states list him as candidates In the list of candidates (Write-in candidate).

Darrell Lane Castle of the Constitution Party (Darrell Lane Castle) was listed as the official presidential candidate on the ballots of 24 states, and 22 states will It is listed in the list of candidates. 

In addition to the aforementioned political parties, the names of the remaining parties and independent candidates appeared on the ballots of more than a dozen states, several states, and even only one state. 

Such as Rocky De La Fuente (Reform Party), Gloria Estela La Riva (Party for Socialism and Liberation), and many others Smaller parties and independent candidates.


Take the Virginia ballot as an example. In the column of presidential candidates on the ballot, in addition to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and Gil Stein, there is also an independent candidate, Evan McMullin. (Evan McMullin). McMullin is a Mormon and a businessman.

 His name appears not only on the votes of Virginia, but also on the votes of other states such as Utah. His approval rate in Utah even surpasses Hillary Hilary. Clinton and Donald Trump.

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