Is Trump Going to Leave US after Losing Elections?


Leave the United States after losing the election? Too many people are offended, and the US president is considering a way out

No one thought that Trump, who has always been confident, would actually "retire" half a month before the election.

There are at least three signs that, although Trump appears to be calm and calm on the surface, in fact, this self-respecting chief has actually prepared for the worst-if he loses the election, "snips" and fails It may be a good choice to leave the United States and escape overseas.

Publish the "Russia Gate" and "Mail Gate" documents before the election

First, after returning to the White House, Trump immediately announced that he must publish the "Russia Gate" and "Mail Gate" documents before the election.

In order to prevent Hillary Clinton from engaging in moths, Trump delegated the heavy tasks to the US justice. 

Secretary Barr, and Secretary of State Pompeo. According to Trump's layout, Barr needs to figure out the ins and outs of the "Russia Gate" and find evidence that "Obama framed Trump". 

On the other hand, Pompeo wants to find out the emails that Hillary has deleted and publish them to the American people.


 Trump furiously claim 2 Henchmen

However, even if Barr and Pompeo failed to complete their tasks and Trump furiously claimed that they were dissatisfied with the two henchmen, White House officials once said that Trump was ready to fire some of his love. But so far, Trump has not made any moves against Pompeo and Barr.


Pic on Trump Leaving US

This means that when Pompeo is unwilling to provoke Hillary Clinton, Trump is helpless-half a month later is the general election, and sweeping Pompeo out at this time can only make White House officials more disappointed.


Second, Trump stated that as long as the election process is honest, if he loses the election, he will transfer power peacefully. Prior to this, Trump’s statement had always been vague. Some people even believed that even if Biden wins, Trump will be tough. 

Six of the nine justices in the United States support the Republican Party. Lampe can also refuse to leave the White House as a "wartime president." If this scene does happen, the two parties in the United States may fight.


But now, Trump has chosen to publicly acknowledge the results of the election.

 Is this not giving the Democrats a way out, or is he shooting himself in the foot? 

Everything is not yet known. 

Third, in his speech on October 16, Trump said that he was under a lot of pressure to compete with the worst candidate in American history. If he loses, he may have to leave the United States.


Although it cannot be ruled out that Trump is playing a "tragic card", judging from the current situation, the consequences of Trump's defeat are very serious. In the past four years, Trump has offended too many people. 

Trump has criticized Obama for nothing, Hillary is a lunatic, Pelosi has a brain problem, Biden is Sleepy Joe, etc., even if it is a Republican such as Bush Jr. Elites are not less scolded.


On the other hand, Trump crossed the river and demolished bridges and fired Bannon, Bolton and other American hawks successively, which also made many American elites bear resentment. 

In the opinion of Bannons, this act of unloading the grievance and killing the donkey is very inappropriate.


In addition, members of the Trump family, especially the Ivankas, are very likely to be a breakthrough point for the Democratic Party to attack Trump, and the Trump family may be liquidated.

 Until then, Trump may have to leave the United States.


But then again, even if he leaves the United States, where can Trump go?

Macron and Merkel are not optimistic about the United States under Trump, and Japan and South Korea are unlikely to annoy the White House because of Trump. After thinking about it, Trump may only be able to ask Putin and Johnson for help. The show is getting more and more exciting.

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