Now Obama Returning to Politics?


Is Obama expected to return to politics? Chaos in the U.S. capital again, the president of the U.S. may already be considering a way out

  With the passage of time, only half a month has passed since the US general election on November 3 was officially opened. In order to win the presidency, the US two parties and their respective candidates have started the final "sprint mode."

But what US President Trump did not expect was that just after he "returned to work", he was busy using the "mail gate" to pressure Hillary and "threaten" US Attorney General Barr against Obama and Biden. The bad news came suddenly from Washington.


Nomination of Barrett to serve as Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

According to the World Wide Web report, a few days ago, another large-scale protest and demonstration broke out in Washington, the capital of the United States. 

On the same day, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Liberty Square to protest the White House’s nomination of Barrett to serve as Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. 

At the same time, they called on the United States to suspend the voting process for the nomination of justices.

In addition, there were more than a dozen female citizens wearing uniform red dresses and white hats who participated in the protest demonstrations, and there were also signs "Trump Pence step down now" on their necks.

 Slogan to express dissatisfaction and protest against the White House.


Trump claims this voting method is prone to fraud

It turned out that due to the impact of the epidemic, the voting method of the US general election will be changed from on-site voting to postal voting. 

But in this regard, Trump has stated more than once that this voting method is prone to "fraud", because votes need to go through at least two transportations from mail to final statistics, and no one knows what will happen during this period.


Under such circumstances, the US media agreed that if the result of the mailed ballot is not good for Trump, the White House is likely to refuse to accept the result. The ownership of the presidential throne this time is also likely to be ruled by the US Supreme Court. .


9 American justices, of which 5 were on the conservative side and 4 were on the liberal side

   But the problem is that there were originally 9 American justices, of which 5 were on the conservative side and 4 were on the liberal side. 

In September of this year, due to the death of liberal Justice Ginsberg, Liberty now has only three justices left. Now, Barrett, whom Trump wants to nominate, is a conservative.

   Obviously, once Barrett is appointed, conservatives will occupy six seats in the U.S. Supreme Court, while liberals will have only three.

 It just so happens that conservatives are generally closer to the Republican Party, and liberals are more supportive of the Democratic Party.


Once Barrett becomes a justice, will the result of this election is full of controversy?

   In other words, once Barrett becomes a justice, the result of this election is full of controversy. Trump is likely to appeal to the Supreme Court, and the Republican party will win the election again. 

This is also one of the important reasons why Trump is now anxious to appoint Barrett as justice.


   Of course, knowing that this might happen, the U.S. Democrats and the American people naturally know what the White House is making. This is the reason for this protest.

 Obviously, as a four-year "significant event" in the United States, the approach of the general election has already turned the US political arena and the entire United States into a turn.


   Old rules, three superficial views

  First, this year's election will be more uncertain and "dramatic" than ever before. Trump will have to leave a "backhand" ahead of time, and may even be thinking about his future.

   Judging from the current situation, neither Trump nor Biden have the confidence to say that they are "stable win". Therefore, the White House's promotion of the process of appointing justices has actually shown that Trump is "reserving a backhand" for this year's election.


 Did Trump Joke he lost elections?

   It is worth noting that on the 16th, when Trump was participating in the election campaign, he "joked" that if he lost the election, he might have to leave the United States. 

Although this is only a "joking" by Old Special, it further reflects the complexity of this year's election and the "not optimistic" situation of the White House.

USA politics

After all, the White House, which holds high the banner of "interests first", has not been at odds with U.S. politicians and U.S. matchmakers in recent years. 

Coupled with the "ineffectiveness" of the White House in fighting the epidemic, if Trump loses, it may not be like that Like Obama and Clinton, they enjoy their twilight years after "retirement."


Barrett becoming a judge and the White House plan to succeed

   In addition, judging from this large-scale protest in Washington, the American people are unwilling to see Barrett becoming a judge and the White House plan to succeed. Based on the existence of such resistance, the White House estimates that it is also a headache.


  Second, Democratic politicians such as Obama and Hillary Clinton may be expected to return to the US political arena.

White House's actions against Obama and Hillary Clinton

   After all, judging from the White House's actions against Obama and Hillary Clinton this time, it is obvious that they want to influence the Democratic Party and Biden by criticizing them. Therefore, they are probably indispensable for their "play" in this year's general election.


   But be aware that for a politician, obscurity may be far worse than being in jail. Now, Trump has given Obama and Hillary Clinton the opportunity to "take the stage", which is actually in a disguised way to increase their influence in the United States and in the US political arena.


   In addition, Obama and Hillary Clinton will not sit back and wait for the offensive launched by the White House. In this way, the White House is likely to end up with a result of "stealing the chicken and losing the rice".


   What's more, from a certain perspective, even though Biden held the post of vice president during the Obama era, considering his "old age" and other factors, Biden is estimated to be very difficult to hold the presidency by himself. 

Therefore, if Biden wins the election, it is very likely that Obama and Hillary Clinton will be invited again.


Under Biden's forging Obama really has the possibility of returning to politics

   It’s interesting that since Biden’s candidacy began, he has spoken well for Obama more than once, saying that he has been paying for the United States and the American people.

 Under Biden's "forging", Obama really has the possibility of returning to politics.


   Third, the chaos belonging to the United States and its political arena may have just begun.

   In addition to the chaos that occurred in Washington, different levels of "landscapes" are actually being staged all over the United States. Not long ago, US Secretary of the Army McCarthy even stated that if turmoil occurs in Washington during the election, the military will step in to maintain order. The rain is coming and the wind is all over the building.



   Obviously, with the general election approaching, the United States, which is not peaceful, may be brewing a bigger storm of chaos. The chaos may have just begun.

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