New York Times Points Donald Trump and Supports Only Democrats


The President of the United States has been criticized miserably

 The New York Times has pointed at Trump and supported the Democratic campaign for 16 consecutive times. As the US presidential election is approaching, the US political circles are fiercely competing for the presidential election. In addition to the constant controversy between Trump and Biden, all parties are canvassing votes for their party, and the US media is also very concerned about this. On October 18, the World Wide Web reported that the editorial board of the US "New York Times" published a long editorial on the 16th, detailing Trump’s various "crimes" and criticizing the current president as the "worst American president". Said that his re-election campaign constituted the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II. "End our national crisis." The social review on this subject was signed as "The New York Times Editorial Board."


New York Daily is helping Biden to fight Trump

Obviously, the U.S. media are now standing in line for the presidential campaign, and the New York Daily is helping Biden to fight Trump at critical moments. It is reported that the "New York Daily" as the thorn in the eyes of the Republican Party has supported the Democratic Party 10 times in a row, because the "New York Times" has not supported the Republican presidential candidate in the past 16 US general elections. 

However, compared with the past, the New York Times criticized Trump extremely sharply

 Many of Trump's evil deeds have been counted down. It can be said that Trump has been criticized by him. It is reported that the article detailed Trump’s “crimes” and stated:

 “He is an instigator of racism; in an interconnected world, he is an isolationist; he is a showman who always brags about him. What he has never done, promise to do what he will never do..."


Trump criticized the media for writing fake news

In fact, it is by no means the first time that Trump has been criticized. Since he came to power, he has repeatedly encountered dissent from the media, and even many media have been angered by Trump. 

On April 26, 2020, US President Trump sent a number of tweets to anger the media. He criticized the media for writing fake news and deliberately raised hostile questions during the briefing.

 Trump has also criticized reporters many times. In March, American reporters asked Trump questions at the presidential press conference, asking him what he wanted to say to panicking Americans.

 Trump directly criticized "I want to say that you are a terrible reporter." Trump's move caused dissatisfaction with the US media. Many media have criticized Trump. 

Even the Lancet, which is the tongue of the US government, has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with Trump.


Trump is not dominant in media propaganda

Therefore, in this US general election, Trump is not dominant in media propaganda. Not only traditional media and electronic media, but even social media are dissatisfied with Trump. 

Even social media such as Twitter, which is very popular in the United States, have been repeatedly named by Trump. In turn, many of Trump's Twitter comments have been blocked and restricted by Twitter.

 Especially after the outbreak in the United States, Trump has repeatedly made some remarks such as "No need to wear a mask" and "Don't worry about the virus". 

He has been mislabeled by Twitter or directly prohibited others from reposting comments. 

Moreover, Trump has been labeled as "corrupt", "anger", "chaos", "incompetence", "lie" and "decay" in many media, which makes Trump extremely angry.


Moreover, the "New York Daily" article quickly resonated with many media. Some media not only reprinted the "New York Daily" article one after another, but also succeeded in making the article a popular message in the American media.

New York Times was urging voters to oust Trump

 In this regard, the "Huffington Post" made it clear when interpreting the article that the "New York Times" was urging voters to oust Trump. 

The "Capitol Hill" stated that the "New York Daily" and Trump took over Liangzi because the "New York Times" held Trump on issues such as "passing Russia", "epidemic prevention and control", and "impeaching the president". Critical attitude, and Trump also publicly criticized the New York Times for "failure" and reported "fake news" during his tenure.


Debate between Biden and Trump has become more intense

Nowadays, the U.S. election can be said to have reached a critical moment, and the debate between Biden and Trump has become more intense, and even the first presidential debate has been exploded by both sides. And the more in the end, the crazier Trump became. 

No, this also caused more and more dissent from the media. Especially this year, the racial problem and the spread of the epidemic in the United States are very serious, the US economy continues to be sluggish, and employment has reached the highest level in history. Poor level, all these make Trump's campaign hopes discounted. 

Criticism of Trump this time is just an episode of the presidential election

Biden, as his opponent, is much more stable, but he also faces the problem of being too old. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the outcome of the final U.S. presidential election. And the criticism of Trump this time is just an episode of the presidential election. Many people believe that with the arrival of the presidential election deadline, there will be more and more episodes of this kind, and the scale will increase.

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