How Macron Dealt with Ruling Party Setback after France Municipal Elections Settled?


2020 French municipal elections settlement. How does Macron deal with the setback of the ruling party?

The 2020 French municipal elections have settled, and the results of the second round of voting will all be announced on the 29th. How will French President Macron respond to the setbacks in the ruling party election?


Frustrated in the ruling party election

French municipal elections are held every six years. French people have to elect mayors and other local officials in tens of thousands of cities and towns. The elections are large in scale and are considered to be one of the most intense elections in France. 

However, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has completely disrupted the election arrangements, resulting in the actual time span of the municipal elections in 2020 as long as more than three months.


The first round of voting in the 2020 French municipal elections was held on March 15. Two days later, the entire law was "closed" due to the epidemic, and a series of control measures were adopted. 

The second round of voting originally scheduled for March 22 was forced to be postponed to June. Held on the 28th.


Macron and the French Municipality Election, infographics

Due to factors such as the epidemic situation, the main candidates did not hold campaigns such as canvassing votes before the second round of voting in the municipal election.

 At the same time, the interval between the two rounds of voting was too long, causing many people to lose their enthusiasm for voting. 

According to statistics from the French Ministry of the Interior, the second round of voting was only about 40%, far lower than the 2014 turnout rate of 62.1%.


The election of the ruling Republic Kadima Party was not favored from the first round of voting in March

 The results of the first round of voting have already indicated that the ruling party will lose in many large cities. 

The results of the second round of voting have further verified this: the ruling party lost to the Green Party in elections in many large cities and failed to establish a strong The foundation of local governance and the election campaign that impacted the mayor of Paris also failed.


Was Macron disappointed by the ruling party's poor performance in election?

Since this is the first time the Republic Kadima Party participated in a national local election since its establishment in 2017, the setback is not entirely unexpected. 

French government spokesman Ndiaye revealed that Macron was "disappointed" by the ruling party's poor performance in the election, while also expressing concern about the low turnout rate.


This municipal election is also considered to be another public opinion test of Macron. To a certain extent, the election is a public opinion evaluation of Macron’s administration over the past two years, especially regarding the handling of the epidemic. 

The results are obviously not optimistic. May force Macron to make adjustments to his governing plan for the next two years.


The Green Party is a blockbuster

The Green Party "should be a blockbuster" in the 2020 French municipal elections. According to the voting results announced on the 29th, the Green Party candidates won the elections in many important French cities such as Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, and Strasbourg, becoming the biggest winners in the elections.

Macron after France Municipal Election

 The Socialist candidate Oberli narrowly defeated the Green Party candidate by only 0.6% in the Lille campaign.

This is very different from the municipal election results six years ago. In the 2014 municipal elections, the Green Party only won the election in Grenoble, a city in southeastern France, among the big cities. In this election, the Green Party has the potential to sweep the entire law.


Analysts generally believe that the Green Party has achieved such impressive results in the election

The most impacted are the traditional French center-left parties such as the Socialist Party, and the ultra-left parties such as the "Indomitable France" party led by Melanchon.


In fact, it is not accidental that the Green Party achieved a dominant position in the election. This has already begun to emerge in the European Parliament elections last year. 

In the European Parliament elections last year, the Green Party won a significant increase in seats in many European countries such as France. 

This momentum continued in the French municipal elections, indicating that the Green Party’s support among the French people has been rising.


The French Presidential Palace stated that Macron recognized that the election was marked by a "green wave"

 Compared with the ruling Republic Kadima Party, the Green Party has more election experience. Some analysts believe that the Green Party may even bring challenges to Macron's re-election as president in the future.


How did Macron respond to election results?

Macron immediately planned a response to the election results in which the ruling party was frustrated and the Green Party gained an advantage. The first is to ease the relationship with the Green Party. 

Ndiaye stated that Macron will make a "strong response" on the issue of climate change that the Green Party is very concerned about. It is expected that Macron may soon announce new measures in climate change and ecological transformation.


With regard to the plan to reorganize the government based on the results of the election, Macron has little room for maneuver. 

The latest polls in France show that 70% of the people support the reorganization of the government after the election, but 55% of the people supported Philip to remain prime minister.


Some analysts pointed out that in response to the election results, Macron seems to choose a center-left person to replace Philip, who is a center-right wing, as prime minister, ease the pressure on the center-left camp, and help the government to implement some policies that favor the center-left in order to strive for more change. 

However, changing the prime minister means that Macron will change his ruling style in the next two years, and it will be difficult for the ruling party to reach agreement, so Macron must be cautious.


Philip was in a relatively detached position through the election

 He has won the election for mayor of Le Havre. If he resigns as prime minister, he can go to be mayor of Le Havre.

 If Philip remains as prime minister, he can still serve as mayor, or appoint a member of the campaign team to serve as mayor.


Macron met with Philip on the 29th and had a dialogue with the climate conference citizen representatives.

 He will continue to deal with the various challenges that the epidemic has brought to France. French politics in the summer is destined to be difficult for Macron.

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