Do French Authorities Really Crack Down Jihadi Muslims after Teacher was Beheaded?


French authorities crack down on extremist Muslims after the teacher was beheaded

Samuel Paty, a middle school history teacher in Paris, was "beheaded" by a suspected Muslim near the school. After the tragedy, French police raided multiple Islamic associations and foreigners suspected of having extreme religious beliefs on Monday. Not only France but thew whole world is experiencing such jihad and jihad of love incidents.

Should France Disband some 50 organizations in the Muslim community?

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that there are currently more than 80 investigations into online hatred, and he is investigating whether to disband some 50 organizations in the Muslim community.

 "The police have already started operations, and there will be more operations in the future, involving dozens of people."

A police source said on Sunday that France is preparing to expel 213 foreigners on the government watch list suspected of holding extreme religious beliefs, of which about 150 are serving sentences.


French Authorities Crack down Jihadi Muslims after Teacher was Beheaded
French Muslims

In addition, the police detained 10 people in connection with the attack within 24 hours of Patty's death. The prosecutor said that included the father of a student at Patty School and another person under surveillance by the intelligence agency. 

They claimed that this person used social media to launch an opposition to the teacher.

Who is Abdelhakim Sefriuoi? 

According to reports, the man known to the intelligence agency was Abdelhakim Sefriuoi, who was born in Morocco. 

For many years, Severiuyi has used social media to combat what he calls "Islamophobia" and to put pressure on the government's treatment of Muslims. 

In 2011, he launched a fierce protest against a high school in Saint-Ouen because the school wanted to ban Muslim girls from wearing clothing used to circumvent the veil ban.

 Located near Paris, Saint-Ouen is a working-class city with a large Muslim community.

A source in the security department said that Severouy had been on the watch list of French intelligence agencies for more than 15 years.


Darmanning emphasized that the two men's request to take action against Patty is equivalent to an order to kill him.

Does French Minister really want to ban Islamic organizations?

French Interior Minister Gaillard Dammanin announced on French radio that he hopes to ban some Islamic organizations because these organizations are "enemies of the Republic."

 This week, 50 Islamic groups, Islamic schools and cultural institutions will be inspected and inspected.

He did not say how to achieve these goals legally, because these organizations have the opportunity to challenge the ban.

The reason for the measures was the terrorist attack on Friday in northwest Paris. There a teacher was beheaded because he showed a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in class at the beginning of the month. At least one parent protested.

The father said in an online video that the teacher was a "jerk" and should be kicked out of the teaching profession. He also mentioned the school's supportive attitude, saying "must stop."

Damanning said: "This person said some nonsense to the teacher. I have no other words to describe it."

It is said that the father mentioned in his online information the French anti-Islamophobic organization CCIF, which is one of the organizations that the minister wants to ban. 

He said: “This organization still benefits from the French government’s tax cuts. It also accused the state government of Islamophobia. We have signs that the organization is the enemy of the Republic."

The police are looking for sympathizers

French police are also currently looking for those who expressed support on social media for terrorists who beheaded their teachers in recent days. Yesterday, the first arrest was based on this goal, and today we continue to look for other "dozens".

Dammanin also confirmed reports that France will expel Muslim extremists. "In our database of Muslim extremists, it is confirmed that 8,000 people are active, and 600 of them do not have valid residence permits. 

Many of them are now in prison and have been deported after serving their sentences. However, others (not in prison) are deported. difficult."

Is French Government fooling its easily gullible public over jihad by giving them a lolly pop?

The Minister also announced that since President Macron took office in 2017, a total of 32 terrorist attacks have been foiled. Some people view it as a ploy of the government to fool their mass. After all the mass is for this only, and politicos are wise and know where to keep them. They keep them where they are.

The French teacher angered the Muslims and was beheaded during the class, and the president appeared to defend the teacher. Who is to blame?

In the murder case that shocked the West in Paris, France, a history teacher was brutally beheaded on the street because he was teaching students in his class about the cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, which angered the Muslims.

French teacher takes "prophet cartoon" as an example in class, angering Muslims being beheaded

The teacher was only 47 years old, but his behavior directly angered Muslim students and was brutally murdered by a Muslim man. 

After succeeding, the suspect shouted "Allah is the greatest" and was subsequently shot dead during the police round up.

The European "Charlie Hebdo" once published a "prophet cartoon", and then a great controversy broke out, which caused strong dissatisfaction among Muslims. However, this cartoon was quoted by the teacher in the classroom. 

When the teacher taught freedom of speech taking the "prophet cartoon" as an example, it is also suggested that if Muslim students feel offended, they can leave the classroom directly.

Although he didn't know if he left the classroom, his remarks spread in and out of class and were followed by Muslims.

It is understood that the suspect was only 18 years old and was born in Chechnya, Russia. He was obviously dissatisfied with the content the history teacher taught in the past.

Some wonder what respect is some people in the West understand. Really? 

If you respect others, others will respect you. This teacher used "freedom of speech" to insult the beliefs of others. 

Knowing that Muhammad was the "prophet" of those who believe in Islam, he still wanted to offend and was finally retaliated against.

The French president came forward to defend the teacher, who is to blame?

French President Macron came to the scene of the crime and defended the teacher, saying that one of his compatriots was killed while teaching freedom of speech, calling it an "Islamic terrorist attack."

Macron is only concerned that he is teaching "freedom of speech", but ignores whether the way he teaches is appropriate.

Even the Minister of Education in France said this was a terrorist attack. Isn't the teacher wrong at all? Isn't his behavior a serious offense to others?

We must know that France has a population of 5 million Muslims. These people are also contributing to the construction and development of France. They are also compatriots of Macron.

If such a large group is not respected or even harmed by the double-standard "freedom of speech", it is a very serious potential safety problem. Who is to blame for this incident? In my opinion, it is the consequence of the double standard of "freedom of speech".

"Charlie Hebdo" was bloodbathed by stepping on the bottom line of Muslims, Westerners' arrogance does not know how to respect

Has Charlie Hebdo been always proud of violating secular taboos?

The act of reprinting cartoons satirizing the Prophet Muhammad has completely stepped on the bottom line of Muslims.

 This cartoon depicts Muhammad’s headscarf as a bomb about to explode. It clearly introduces the stereotype that Muslims are suicide bombers (comics are not suitable for release, imagine yourself).

The voice of Allah is the greatest, slogan

Then, two masked men, wearing jihadist uniforms, washed the headquarters of "Charlie Hebdo" with guns and blood, killing two police officers and several weekly staff members. The chief editor page of the weekly was killed on the spot, and the masked man shouted " The voice of "Allah is the greatest" shocked France and the world that day.

Although it is wrong to kill, the French should also be condemned for the double standard of freedom of speech.

Westerners often use white standards to treat other countries, either criticizing Africa or Asia, and always pretend to be superior. 

In this world, everyone is equal, and any nation has its own traditions, customs and beliefs. There is no good or bad, only respect and understanding.

Since Western countries have accepted many Middle Eastern refugees and Muslim immigrants humanitarianly, they should respect them and accept their culture. This is only a media portrayal. We know it as media has planted it in our brains. However, many experts say that god knows what politicians have taken from America or hidden powers that they must destroy French and use this tool of Jihad for that. After all France cannot be so weak and fool that this happens, and at all happens in the country. God knows whats the conspiracy.


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