Do Chinese Claim French Ignorance and Racism in Coronavirus matter?


Chinese claim French Stupidity and ignorance are more contagious than coronavirus

In the past few weeks, the novel coronavirus has broken out in China and gradually spread to the world, occupying news headlines around the world. France is no exception. Over the years, the French media has never reported so much about China. Recently, the novel coronavirus has been the focus of all TV news, and there are also many related special programs on the radio and newspapers.


Today, almost everyone can take photos and videos with their mobile phones, and quickly spread them all over the world through the Internet. A person can become a "protagonist of a report" or a "reporter". This way of communication changes everything.

French Media praise Chinese Transparent Attitude

China's transparent attitude towards the epidemic has been highly praised by foreign media, especially French media. The Chinese government knows that transparency is good, but covering the truth is bad. Therefore, we have learned a lot of images and information about the epidemic.


China's Strength to deal Pandemic

From the available information, we found that the speed and strength of the Chinese government's response to the epidemic is truly shocking. And the facts have proved that the Chinese government’s approach is completely correct. The number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia has exceeded 20,000, and more than 400 people have died.

This number is still a relatively modest number relative to a country with a population of 1.4 billion-of course now we still cannot relax our vigilance. No one knows how long the epidemic will continue or how it will spread. Today, everyone knows the name of Wuhan.

China has quickly built a well-equipped hospital in Wuhan, and the whole city of Wuhan is closed. These will always remain in the minds of the world and will become another symbol of China's great revival.

The friends around me were particularly impressed by these practices. They made no secret of their admiration and were thinking about whether the French government could do this if the same thing happened in France.


However, there have also been some unsatisfactory phenomena in France. The ignorant and ignorant practices have a disgusting taste of anti-Asian racism.

 For a long time, the Asian group in France has been a model representative. Their image of caution, diligence and success has made most French people deeply respect and admire.


However, in the past few weeks, this has been more or less shattered. Anti-Asian racism, which had hardly existed before, began to show its ugly face. 

Infographics showing France COVID-19 Data
French COVID Data

Chinese claim French Media Humiliates Asian Groups

Some French media began to ostracize and humiliate Asian groups, especially the Chinese, and blamed the spread of the virus on the Chinese. Some even demanded that the Chinese be deported. All of this is based on exaggerated and extremely absurd fears.

The ignorance and ignorance shown in certain online forums fuels true racism. This is really worrying. Their speed of poisoning far exceeds the spread of the virus in France.


 The epidemic will be controlled sooner or later, but in the long run, the evil spread by a very small number of people in French society may cause more damage than the new coronavirus. This new disaster of anti-Asian racism is perhaps the most worrying.

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