Did American Media Oppose Trump Regarding Elections Postponement?


Trump proposes to postpone the U.S. 2020 election? American media sings the opposite

 Trump proposed on Twitter to postpone the 2020 US presidential election. However, the US "Capitol Hill" stated that this is something that the US President has no right to unilaterally decide. Trump Proposes Media Opposes


Trump wrote on Twitter: "With general mail voting (not absent voting, which is good), 2020 (US presidential election) will be history. The most inaccurate and most deceptive election on the United States. This will be a big embarrassment for the United States."


He further wrote: "Delay the election until people can vote properly, safely and safely???" 

Although Trump’s idea of ​​postponing the 2020 U.S. presidential election was just a proposal with three question marks, it still attracted the attention of many international media, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), The New York Times, and The Associated Press. Pushed the news for a while.


"Capitol Hill" believes that this tweet marks the first time Trump has proposed the idea of ​​postponing the November election. 

According to reports, Trump has been criticizing the expansion of mail voting in recent weeks, but more and more states are accepting this approach as an alternative to voting in person during the new crown pandemic.

On July 26, local time, there were 100 days left before the November US presidential election.

 A new public opinion survey shows that due to the continued surge in infections everywhere, the public's support for Trump's handling of the new crown virus pandemic has dropped to a new low. 

In addition, polls show that Biden leads Trump in Michigan, Arizona and Florida.


Trump's satisfaction with the epidemic hit a new low

A survey conducted by the Associated Press and the NORC Public Affairs Research Center found that only 32% of Americans said they support the president’s response to the new coronavirus outbreak, a 12-point drop compared to the same survey released in March.


Media Campaign in United States Elections
US Presidential Election Campaign

Since March, Trump's long-term satisfaction with economic issues has also shown a gradual decline. 48% of the interviewees said they approve of Trump's handling of the economy during the pandemic, down from 56% in March.


Overall, only 38% of Americans said they approve of Trump’s performance in the White House. Partisan opinions are clearly divided, with 81% of Republicans expressing support for Trump's work performance.

 Although a small percentage (68%) of Republican respondents said they approve of the president’s handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic.


A week ago, Trump seemed to have changed his attitude towards the severity of the current health crisis. Although the president initially hinted that the virus would eventually disappear, he said at a press conference last Tuesday that the pandemic may get worse before it gets better.


He also persuaded Americans to wear masks to slow the spread of the disease. Trump has been reluctant to wear a face mask in public before, and he only wore a face mask publicly for the first time during a visit to Walter Reed Hospital earlier this month.


While support for Trump's response to the new crown virus is gradually weakening, opinion polls also show that the presumed Democratic presidential candidate Biden is ahead of Trump in the 2020 election.


Trump continued to trail Biden in three battlefield states

According to a poll by CNN and SSRS on Sunday, former Vice President Biden leads President Trump in Michigan, Arizona and Florida. Trump won the three states in the 2016 election.


Biden leads Trump by double digits among registered voters in Michigan (52% to 40%), 51% to 46% in Florida, and 49% to 45% in Arizona. 

The margins of lead in all three states are beyond the margin of error in the polls.

This poll roughly reflects other recent polls in these states. However, a survey conducted by Quinnipiac in Florida last week found that Biden has a 13-point lead, which is one of his biggest leads in any poll in Florida.

CNN's survey also found that most voters in these three states disapprove of the president's handling of race relations. Among them, Arizona and Michigan have an objection rate of 59% and Florida's 57%. 

When it comes to dealing with the new crown virus, 60% of people in Arizona oppose it, while 59% in Michigan oppose it, and 57% in Florida oppose it.


Arizona and Florida continue to approve of Trump’s handling of the economy

The majority of people in Arizona and Florida continue to approve of Trump’s handling of the economy. Both states’ approval rate is 52%, while Michigan’s approval rate is 47% and the disapproval rate is 49%.


The poll was conducted between July 18 and July 24, on 1,002 adults in Arizona, including 873 registered voters, 1,005 adults in Florida, including 880 registered voters, and in Michigan. Of 1,003 adults, including 927 registered voters, were surveyed. 

The error rate for polls is 3.6, and the error rate for registered voters is around 3.8.


Biden leads Trump by nearly 9 percentage points

According to Real Clear Politics' national polls, Biden's current approval rating leads Trump by nearly 9 percentage points. This is the biggest gap in the same general election cycle since 1996. 

However, the National Congress of the Democratic and Republican parties has not yet convened, and the "one-to-one" contests of the three presidential candidate debates in October are pending. Between the poll data and the actual votes, all predictions are too early.


Regarding the backward polls, Stephen, the Trump campaign manager who has just taken office for 10 days, said that polls do not accurately reflect the actual situation of the campaign. 

The sample of Republican voters in these surveys was insufficient and did not take into account the growing number of registered voters in swing states.


Democratic analyst Coffin Nis said that if a general election is held today, the Democratic Party will be in a very advantageous position and can even win all key elections. 

"But the problem is that the election is not today. It is too uncertain and it is hard to believe that the Democratic Party will succeed in this election."


Republican analyst Wilson believes that “a poll is a voter’s response to the present. When interpreting today’s opinion poll, you really need to consider what the environment will be like in October. 

If the epidemic has improved significantly then, then today’s public It may not make much sense."


US media reveals Biden's draft political platform: veto the United States first

US media also reported that Biden’s draft platform is expected to be passed at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin next month. "Washington Post" first reported the 80-page document, which severely condemned the situation during Trump's tenure.


The document mentioned, "President Trump promised to make'America first', but the United States under Trump's leadership is isolated. Under his leadership, the reputation and influence of the United States have been completely destroyed. 

Our country is even more Insecurity, our economy is more fragile, and our democracy, values, and solidarity are at stake."


Biden said: "The Democrats believe that if Donald Trump is in power for another four years, the damage to our influence will be difficult to repair. However, ending the'America First' approach is only the beginning of future work. We must be realistic. Facing today’s world. 

That’s why we cannot simply aspire to restore America’s leadership. We must completely transform it for the new era."

The story is running for months and has no clear results.

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