United States Election may become Real Nightmare in 2020


U.S. 2020 election may become a "nightmare": US Media

What to do if there is such a nightmare? After voting on November 3, the two candidates got the same vote rate, and refused to admit defeat on the grounds of fraud and manipulation in the election. Supporters from both sides took to the streets and even armed themselves. As the election has entered a feverish stage, concerns about the "election nightmare" are increasing in the US public opinion field. It emerged from the background that US President Trump has recently repeatedly questioned corruption and injustice in the election, suggesting that if he loses, he may not recognize the election results. The US media believe that for the first time in modern American history, a president seeking re-election made a gesture that may deny the result of the general election before the vote, or it means endless controversy after the election or even a terrible doomsday scene

In tandem with the rise in public opinion concerns are the fierce crusades between the two parties. On the 19th, the Democratic National Convention entered its third day.

 Former US President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other big coffee took turns violently criticizing Trump, and the latter responded angrily with his usual style.


The probability of violent conflict during US elections is high

"Does the president mean that unless he wins the election, he will not accept the election result?" At the White House press conference on the afternoon of the 19th, facing this question from reporters, White House Press Secretary Kelly McNerney said:

 "The president has always He is saying that he will see what happens before making a decision."


The White House will not even pretend that Trump will not question the election results

This answer is obviously difficult to satisfy the mainstream American media. CNN commented on the topic "The White House will not even pretend that Trump will not question the election results".

 McNerney's response is very clear: If Trump loses, don't expect him to admit failure. In the past few months, Trump has attacked the fairness of postal voting in a series of statements and tweets, insisting that the election was rigged to some extent. 

The article stated that Trump has created an invincible atmosphere throughout his life, a narrative of continuous wins, wins, and wins. 

When polls show that he may not win, he will make up excuses to explain why. These excuses are always related to those anonymous "them".


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many American voters may participate in elections by mail voting this year. This has been constantly questioned and criticized by Trump. 

According to a US media survey, the majority of voters who support Biden said they prefer to vote by mail, while about two-thirds of Trump supporters said they prefer to vote in person on election day. 

On the 18th, Trump once again criticized the mailing of ballots and said that mass mailing of ballots may lead to "one more time" in the election. He said: "You must ensure that you can vote correctly. You can't mail millions of ballots everywhere, to the dead, to dogs, to cats..."


The presidential campaign team is already preparing for the nightmare scenario

It is against this background that various concerns about the "election nightmare" have appeared in the American media. "The presidential campaign team is already preparing for the nightmare scenario."

 CNN predicted in the report the possible "doomsday scenario" after the 2020 election: dozens of lawsuits challenging the results of state elections, voter fraud and election "rigged" 

The allegations that millions of ballots were late due to postal delays, the vote counting work continued for several weeks after election day, and the president refused to give up power when the inauguration day approached.

 The article stated that these were only the Trump and Biden campaign teams. Part of the many unprecedented possibilities considered during the campaign, this election has become the biggest test of the American system in decades. Both camps have allocated millions of dollars in funding to form large legal teams to develop contingency plans for the post-voting phase that is expected to last for a long time and may be controversial.


How to Avoid the Post-Election Nightmare?

The article entitled "How to Avoid the Post-Election Nightmare" on the 18th of the US News Network wrote: Imagine that Biden won by a narrow margin in the November presidential election and Trump refuses to admit defeat. 

Trump may find Arguments such as fraud by mailing votes. Imagine this situation lasting for several months until the new president takes office in January next year.

United States Election may become a Nightmare in 2020

 Imagine again that both parties take to the streets to demonstrate, and the police cannot or are unwilling to manage large-scale riots.

 Some armed Trump supporters were angry because they believed someone was trying to stage a coup, and then decided to solve the problem themselves.


What is Transitional Integrity Project?

The article said that this may sound far-fetched. However, in June of this year, an organization called the "Transitional Integrity Project" invited more than 100 experts from the Democratic and Republican parties to conduct simulation exercises on what might happen after election day. 

The report released after the exercise stated: 

"We anticipate legal proceedings, disparate media reports, attempts to prevent the counting of votes, and demonstrations by supporters of both sides. The probability of violent conflict is high..."


Will General Elections see Long-term legal battle?

The dispute over the outcome of the general election is not without precedent in the United States. 

In 2000, Bush Jr. of the Republican Party and Gore of the Democrat Party were inseparable in the general election. In the key state of Florida, Bush Jr. won by a mere 537 votes. 

Such a small gap caused the two camps to re-check the votes. Month’s offensive and defensive battle. 

According to CNN, the results of Bush Jr.'s victory over Al Gore and the election of President were announced. 

The Americans waited for 34 days. If you think the situation at that time is already very bad, then wait to see the big world.


According to the New York Times, the voting will end on November 3, but the legal battle will not. Compared with what might happen after the election in November this year, the situation that year may have been similar to the middle school student election.

 Imagine that after the election in November this year, you will not only face one Florida state, but a dozen Florida states. It is not just a series of lawsuits on one issue, but countless lawsuits on various issues. The ugly November-even December and January of the following year, the likelihood of occurrence is rising.


U.S. mainstream media is more concerned about Trump's "reckoning" after losing the election. However, many analysts, especially conservatives, believe that although the polls are temporarily behind, Trump may not lose. 

The Washington Post recently mentioned that four years ago, polls once showed that Hillary Clinton was 12 percentage points ahead of Trump, but in the end he lost the election while winning more votes. 

An analysis quoted by Fox News recently stated that the "highly toxic political environment" has led to "very inaccurate" polls. From now to November 3, the new crown vaccine may become the biggest variable. 

The Atlantic Monthly said that although the new crown epidemic caused more than 170,000 Americans to die and the economy suffered a severe setback, the latest survey showed that Trump's core support camp is still strong.


Federal judge once again ruled that Trump must submit tax records

Trump also faces many other upsets. According to the "New York Times" report on the 20th, a federal judge once again ruled that Trump must submit tax records to the Manhattan District Attorney. 

On the same day, Trump’s former adviser, Bannon, was arrested on suspicion of fraud. Although Trump said he had not met with Bannon for a long time, the case involved the US-Mexico border wall, which may have an impact on Trump.


Some American hawks continue to "touch porcelain" China for the election

 On the 19th, Navarro, the director of the White House's Office of National Trade and Manufacturing Policy, who has always been anti-China, claimed that the Democratic Party had reached a consensus with China and sought to defeat Trump in the November presidential election. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian refuted on the 20th that Navarro's statement was pure nonsense. Zhao Lijian emphasized that the US election is its internal affair, and we have no interest and have never interfered. At the same time, we urge U.S. politicians not to insist on China in the campaign for their own benefit.


Both sides stepped up their attack artillery

As public concerns have risen, the artillery fire between the two sides has intensified. On the 19th, the Democratic National Convention of the United States entered its third day. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, and Harris, who was nominated by the Democratic vice presidential candidate that day, took turns to attack Trump in their speeches.


The US "Capitol Hill" stated that the stars of the Democratic Party launched an angry offensive against Trump. Harris said that Trump's "leadership failure is to kill money." The most alarming moment for Democrats of the night was the intense speech of former President Obama. Obama condemned Trump as a conspiracy theorist, inciting hatred and weakening the US's position in the world. 

He said: "Trump is not qualified for this job because he is not capable enough. The consequences of this failure are serious. 170,000 Americans lost their lives and millions of jobs were lost... Our democratic system suffered There has never been a serious threat." Some media said that this is Obama's most personal and direct criticism of Trump so far.

Reuters reported that Trump will travel to Pennsylvania on the 20th 

Trump countered Obama's accusations at the White House press conference that day. He said that Obama is an "incompetent" and "bad" leader, "President Obama did not do well. The reason why I am here (being president) is because of Obama and Biden. If they do well, I will Not here." 

Trump also sent out a number of tweets on the 19th, criticizing Obama and others.  

 Reuters reported that Trump will travel to Pennsylvania on the 20th, the swing state and the birthplace of Biden, to criticize Biden's failure to engage in public office for decades.

 Its campaign team stated that Trump’s speech would point out that “Biden has failed the United States for half a century” and boost Republican support in Pennsylvania.

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