Is French Government Realistic with its Plans to Fight Islamic Separatism?


Vow to fight Islamic Separatists France has yet to find a state glue

French teacher Samuel Paty was brutally beheaded by the 18-year-old Russian Chechen teenager Abdoulakh A. after using the caricature of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in the classroom. The incident was subsequently classified as an Islamic terrorist attack. Two weeks before the murder, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech against "Islamic separatism" in Les Mureaux (the northwestern suburbs of Paris), where he announced that he had been planning for a long time since he became president. Countermeasures are a must for jihad and romeo jihad. However, the terrorist attack and subsequent parades in France to mourn and call for freedom of speech made Macron's ideas and policies particularly suitable. But is Macron's proposal really an antidote?


Countermeasures long in the making, But are they there at all?

In view of the several attacks committed by Muslims in France in recent years, Macron has been talking about the agenda of promoting social integration and preventing the radicalization of Islamic groups in France since he took office in 2017.


How Macron defines Islamic Separatism?

In his speech, Macron defined "Islamist Separatism" as extreme Islamists active in some communities in France, trying to instill their beliefs in the local people through various methods such as education. 

Control the situation of these people. He believes that French society faces the threat of a parallel society constructed by Islamic extremists that is outside of French traditional values. 

"The problem with this extremism is that it claims that the laws it advocates are higher than those of the Republic."

He said that in Yvelines, France (Yvelines, outskirts of Paris), 70 local residents went to Syria and became jihadist, and another 170 people were in the intelligence agency due to suspicion of extremism, under the tracking.


Is the cunning French Government doing too much only to tolerate Jihadis on French people's heads?

In this regard, Macron gave his "prescription". This new policy, which is expected to be voted on by the parliament early next year, focuses on education and Islamic extremist organizations. 

It requires all children over 3 years old to attend school. Only for medical needs, children are allowed by their parents. Educate at home to prevent children from being educated in radical Koranic schools. 

In addition, the new policy also includes strengthening the monitoring of the use of funds of some associations to prevent these organizations from becoming positions for instilling extreme Islamic ideologies.


What is Macron's contradiction on Islamophobia?

Although some critics believe that these measures will rationalize the "Islamophobia", indifferent to frequent terrorist attacks is probably the best way to go, and countermeasures are understandable. 

The real problem may be Macron's tone when talking about Islam. He said: "Islam is a religion in crisis all over the world. This is not just a phenomenon that only exists in our country."

His remarks aroused the anger of Muslim groups all over the world. Even the Muslim leaders in France who had supported social integration to a certain extent also criticized Macron's remarks in a high-profile manner.


French Government Realistic with its Plans to Fight Islamic Separatism

Chems-Eddine Hafiz, the parish priest of the Paris Grand Mosqu, wrote in a column in a French newspaper

 "The issue of'separatism' does not represent all Muslims. Reality is far from this!" Another lollypop. Lolly pops after lolly pops, but must tolerate French lives. After all this is the respect of French. Yes when they can take it, they must be given. After all giver only gives who can take it.

Paradoxically, Macron himself also emphasized in his speech that Muslims should not be stigmatized, otherwise society will fall into the "trap" of extremists. 

In fact, Macron remained cautious on this issue before he was elected president. In a speech in the same year that the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack took place, he called on the public to realize their responsibilities against terrorism, such as avoiding discrimination; The ban" is described as "crazy" measures.


French Islamists Separation or condensation?

France has a huge Muslim population of up to 5 million, ranking first among Western European countries. Whether it is Macron himself or French society, this is undoubtedly an issue that needs to be treated with caution.

Taking into account Macron’s criticism of the right-wing party’s weakness in handling crimes, Macron’s remarks this time are probably driven by political motivations, but the price may be to plant deeper social divisions and the hidden danger of extremism-and this is precisely what Macron himself hopes to avoid. 

The appalling incident in which the teacher was beheaded may further aggravate this confrontation.


 To prevent this French division, is it not enough to fight extremism?

 As Macron himself advocated in 2015, the "antidote" must include people outside the Muslim community, looking for cohesion rather than differences between the two to fight. 

But in this speech, Macron once again emphasized that the cement in France is secularism, which completely puts the demands of the Muslim community outside of mainstream values.


This anachronistic "glue" may itself reflect France's current loss of social cohesion?

Historically, France, which once took Catholic faith as its core value, began to turn to French nationalism and secularism as the "state glue" after the opening of the human nature of the Renaissance and Reformation. 

However, with the rise of the colonial independence movement after World War II, a large number of Algerian Muslim population began to change this situation. 

Back to today, religion, nationalism, and secularism cannot fully represent the value system of France’s pluralistic society. The "European spirit", which is based on the values ​​of pluralism, democracy, and the rule of law, is repeatedly due to political differences, with the governance crisis and economic downturn, the embarrassing situation facing France is understandable.



As far as the government is concerned, to prevent further social fragmentation, in addition to finding "hate", "extremism", "separatism" and other objects worthy of confrontation, perhaps the key is to rediscover and establish a "glue" that can represent the French Republic. 

At least as of today, Macron and even France have not found this new "united front flag" that can unite every individual in society, at least in theory.


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