Super Hornet Fighter Cockpit Sci-fi F-35

The latest version of the United States Super Hornet fighter exposure, cockpit sci-fi degree comparable to F-35

According to the TheDrive website reported on May 10, Boeing of the United States recently released a video showing the F / A-18F BlockIII "Super Hornet" fighter for the first time. The first batch of this third batch of "Super Hornet" fighters will carry out various flight tests, and the first batch of this type of fighter will begin delivery later this year.


According to reports, Chicago-based Boeing announced that it will complete the final assembly of the first Block III version of the Super Hornet fighter at its production site in St. Louis, Missouri on May 8.

Hollywood's Hornet Movie

Judging from the live video released by Boeing, the aircraft has not changed much in appearance compared to the earlier version of the Super Hornet fighter, and has not installed the previously designed conformal fuel tank.

However, the video highlights the customizable wide-area multi-function display (similar to the single large-size touch screen cockpit display of the F-35 fighter) equipped with the latest version of the "Super Hornet" fighter.


The latest version of the "Super Hornet" cockpit interior picture

In addition, the Block III version "Super Hornet" will also install a new satellite communication system, equipped with a new infrared search and tracking sensor.


It is unclear when Boeing will deliver the second test machine. In January of this year, the company said that it hopes to complete the flight test of the first prototype and deliver it to the Navy by the end of March. Jason Danny, F / A-18 and EA-18G project manager, said in April:

"The delivery of the Block III model is currently only slightly behind. The first two Block III prototypes of the US Navy will be in the next two Delivered within a month ".


Super Hornet

In the past 15 years, the US Navy has received 322 single-seat versions of F / A-18E fighters and 286 two-seat versions of F / A-18F fighters. The US Navy plans to upgrade all of its 540 "Super Hornet" To the Block III model standard. The upgrade of the Block II type of the EA-18G "Roarer" electronic warfare aircraft in active service is also in progress.


In addition to equipping the US Navy, Boeing is also actively marketing the latest version of the "Super Hornet" to foreign customers. Kuwait has provided some funding for the Block III project. The country has ordered 22 F / A-18E / F fighters. , These aircraft will adopt the mixed configuration of Block II version and Block III version.


Germany also recently announced plans to purchase F / A-18E / F "Super Hornet" fighters and EA-18G "Roarer" electronic fighters to replace its old "Breeze" fighters. Boeing also used F / A-18E / F fighters in the Indian Air Force and Navy fighter bidding projects. F / A-18E / F also participated in fighter bidding projects including Finland, Switzerland and Canada.

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