Virus Outbreak in China Several Predictions Came True in 2020

Several predictions have predicted the virus outbreak in 2020 in China. Can the future really be predicted?

Since March 2020, the world has been burned by the epidemic of new coronary pneumonia, and the number of confirmed cases in various countries has continued to rise. At this critical moment of the epidemic, several continuous news came, making the almost numb nerve tense again. It's tight, but this news has nothing to do with the epidemic, but a prediction of a full-scale virus outbreak in 2020 ranging from the earliest 40 years to 8 years ago, which is really creepy!

Novel about predicting a virus outbreak in 2020

The earliest book was Dean Koontz's thriller novel "Eye of Darkness" in 1981, which mentioned a virus called Wuhan-400, and the book also mentioned the global cause of Wuhan- The 400 virus completely put the network into a dilemma, but this seems to be a bit inconsistent. After all, at the time of the epidemic, it was the network and takeaway that continued to maintain everyone's routine.

The Eye of Darkness Cover

The content is more frightening, with some conspiracy theories, but it's just a novel. If you don't write it like this, you can't attract the attention. The content page is as follows:

The novel content page has been circled

The other book is a psychic book published by Sophia Brown in 2008. The psychic book is a writing style similar to prediction, such as Nostradamus, the great prophet. The book describes on page 312 that the virus will spread globally in 2020, especially in Northeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea. The virus will attack the lungs and bronchial tubes of infected people, and the current treatment methods cannot deal with it.

Sylvia Browne's 2008 book "Apocalypse: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World" predicts coronavirus

It also predicts that the virus will disappear suddenly, and it will make a comeback in ten years. The virus will be completely eliminated in the 2030 virus outbreak. Of course, no treatment plan is given in the book. It seems that the author is only responsible for digging.

Sofia Brown is attending a live show

The latest book is a 2012 Corolla Virus by well-known Chinese writer Bi Shumin. It is written in 20NN. A virus of unknown origin hit the city of Yan with millions of people. The symptoms after infection are fever, cough and diarrhea. And so on, it also described the social situation of buying masks and fleeing the city of Yan because of the onset of the virus, as well as the prestigious doctor's command in the town, etc., which is exactly the same as the new crown pneumonia outbreak in 2020.

Corolla virus cover

Like Bi Shumin's novel Corolla Virus, readers who do n’t have a deep memory of SARS did not resonate, but were sneered by young fans, but after reading the novel 8 years later, there seemed to be a chilling atmosphere. Around us, whether it is "Dark Eye" 40 years ago and psychic books 12 years ago, they have predicted a result, whether unintentionally or unconsciously, the fact that the SARS-CoV-2 virus broke out in 2020!
SARS-CoV-2 virus broke out in 2020

 Why can they predict the future?

This is the key to the problem. Although these authors are distributed in different eras and regions, they undoubtedly point to the fact of a virus outbreak. So let's take a simple analysis. Are these predictions reliable?

Zhang Guanli Dai or preparing for rhythmic Eye of Darkness

About Dean Koontz's horror novel "Eye of Darkness" in 1981, the protagonist of the virus was Wuhan-400, a type of virus specially manufactured by the laboratory to attack. A human virus, but the fact is that the name of the virus in this novel is Gorki-400. It should be irrelevant to China if you listen to the name. Yes, the author wrote a virus developed by the former Soviet Union. Science fiction.

"Eye of Darkness" original virus named Gorki-400

SARS as a template for inspiration

Sophia Brown, another author of Doomsday: Prediction and Prophecy, is a well-known psychic. She described herself as a spiritual and spiritual psychic, but has been repeatedly criticized by the media for her The prediction accuracy is extremely low. It seems that it hit the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in 2020?

Bi Shumin

There is also the novel Corolla Virus by Bi Shumin. The Corolla Virus is the most detailed in the course of the epidemic. Of course, it is the same as the Doomsday Prophecy. Both have assignments to copy.
Even if they are lucky in a year, I can imagine how many novels or movies in the world predicted a virus outbreak, and there must have been hits.
Of course, everyone will only use the magnifying glass to find the authors who bet on Zhongbao.

Biological Virus Predictions Alert

Can the future be predicted?

In fact, not only is the future unpredictable, but what is happening now is also unpredictable. Before the light that transmits the information has arrived, it is the future for the observer, so scientists have set a past, present, and future light cone. We It can only perceive some events where the current information has arrived at the speed of light, and no one can know the future, or the absolute future.

Just like the four supernova outbreaks at 640 light-years away, if it has exploded now, then for us this explosion event belongs to the future, because its light will not be seen until more than 600 years later, and the absolute future.
For example, it will happen next year. Maybe you can travel this year in a light-speed spacecraft for several hours or minutes, but you will not know this information earlier than everyone, you just know this information a little younger than everyone.

A little bit brainy, right?
In fact, it is caused by the slow clock effect in the special theory of relativity. You can understand it when you have time. It looks boring, but it will be very interesting to combine with reality!

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