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Passat Car about to fall Altar

From sharp drop in sales to a single month difficult to break a thousand, Passat about to fall "altar"?

In the second half of last year, China Insurance Research C-IASA crash test cut a number of "sacred cars", and the Passat who got P (poor) in a 25% frontal offset collision is the 2019 annual topic model. From the sharp decline in sales in January this year to the difficulty of breaking sales in February, did the once glorious Passat really want to "fall off the altar"?

Once upon a time, Volkswagen's Passat and Magotan can be said to be the king of sales in the domestic mid-level car market, and they have been ranked "altars" all year round. Even at the end of the product's life, Passat can still appear in the top ten of the sales list. However, with the release of the crash results of China Insurance Research Institute and the continuous fermentation of the incident, SAIC Volkswagen has never given a statement. With this fuse, coupled with the relatively "expansion" behavior of the public in the domestic market in recent years, it has directly ignited the long-standing dissatisfaction of consumers.

Volkswagen Passat Car

January 2020 sales data show that Passat's monthly sales suddenly fell to 13,601 units, compared with only 875 units in February. Although almost all models suffered a sales dive due to the epidemic in February, sales of popular mid-level cars such as the Accord and Camry were almost three times that of the Passat.

Looking at the March car sales list just released by the Federation, Camry's performance of more than 10,000 units is in sharp contrast to the situation where Passat and Magotan both fell out of the top 15 of the sales list. Although compact cars such as LaVida and Bora are still at the top of the list, the dilemma of mid-level cars is clearly inevitable.

Recently, the official website of CIC-NCAP announced that it will conduct a crash test on the SAIC Volkswagen Passat 330TSI Elite Edition from April 13 to April 17. According to public announcements, this crash test was voluntarily applied by SAIC Volkswagen, and includes 100% frontal rigid barrier crash test, side impact test and 40% frontal offset crash test. Since CAERI did not make Passat's 25% front-offset collision project "famous in World War I", and CATARC was dubbed as "Five-Star Wholesale Department" by netizens, how much impact this crash test can restore reputation The effect seems to be self-evident.

Volkswagen Passat interior view

Today's consumers have become more rational, and their emphasis on vehicle safety is increasing. In the author's opinion, instead of focusing on "pre-cold treatment" and "later replacement test", it is better to take the product quality seriously, otherwise "falling the altar" is almost inevitable. After all, justice is free.

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