What is the Ideal Government Stance on Human Resources and Social Security Regulation?

Ideal Government Stance on Human Resources and Social Security on further regulating the order of the human resources market

The human resources and social security bureaus (bureaux) of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Government:
In order to further regulate human resources market activities, severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations, maintain fair competition and standardize the order of the human resources market, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of laborers and employers, and better play the role of the market in the allocation of human resources, Promote employment and entrepreneurship to create a good market environment, and now put forward the following opinions on further regulating the human resources market order:

I. Strengthen daily supervision and management

(1) Regulate human resources market activities according to law

Effectively implement the implementation of the "Interim Regulations on the Human Resources Market", and regulate the rights and obligations and behaviors of laborers in seeking employment, recruitment of employers, and the provision of services by human resources service agencies.

Promote honest job search for workers, and truthfully provide basic personal information to employers and human resource service agencies. 
Supervise employers to carry out recruitment work according to law. Publish or provide recruitment information truthfully according to law and must not contain discriminatory content.

 Abide by laws and regulations on service period, employment restrictions, confidentiality and other aspects, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

Promote human resources service institutions to operate in accordance with the law and serve in good faith, and must not resort to fraud, violence, coercion, or other improper means, or introduce units or individuals to engage in illegal activities. 

Human resources service institutions should organize on-site job fairs, collect and supply human resources supply and demand information, and service activities such as publishing, providing human resources service outsourcing, carrying out labor dispatch business and providing human resources services through the internet shall comply with the corresponding activity guidelines.

 Human resources and social security departments at all levels must ensure that the activities of market entities are properly implemented, and that violations of laws and regulations should be punished in accordance with corresponding legal responsibilities.
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(2) Strengthen market access management

Human resources and social security departments at all levels should implement labor dispatch operation permits, human resource service permits, and filing systems in accordance with law, establish and improve human resource service agency management service accounts, and lay a solid foundation for implementing post-event supervision.

 Improve and perfect the information communication mechanism with the market supervision department, cooperate with the market supervision department to clarify the corresponding relationship between the business scope and the business license matters, and regulate the connection between the business scope registration and the business license of the human resources service institution.

Implementation of the “Licensing before Certification” matter, the implementation of the market supervision department to push the information of market subjects whose business scope involves human resources service business to the human resources department. Also, to inform the human resources service organization that after obtaining a business license. 
It should actively grant permission to the human resources department according to law.

The filed “dual notification” work requirements, actively claim and use market subject information pushed by the market supervision department, urge and guide enterprises to apply for business licenses in a timely manner, and avoid daily supervision and law enforcement blind spots.

For the implementation of the "prior certificate and then photo" issue, the human resources and social security department should promptly notify the market supervision department of the relevant information of the market subject's license, so as to achieve accurate information sharing between the departments.

 Strengthen the communication and connection between administrative licensing and labor security supervision and law enforcement, establish and implement an information exchange mechanism for licensing information within the human and social sectors (licensing agencies and labor security supervision and law enforcement agencies). 

If the violation of laws and regulations is serious, It is necessary to revoke its license according to law, establish a normal market exit mechanism, and form a joint regulatory force.

(3) Improve the annual report publicity system

 Human resources market management departments and labor dispatch unit management departments at all levels should study and formulate specific regulations, and improve the system for human resources service institutions to submit annual reports to the competent department on schedule and to publicize the business development situation to the public. Promote human resources service agencies to effectively fulfill their legal obligations to disclose information and data related to production and operation activities in accordance with law, and enhance social supervision and collaborative governance. 

The human resources and social security department conducts inspections in accordance with the law, or verifies the annual report and public information of the human resource service organization based on the report. The human resource service organization that fails to submit the annual report according to the regulations, refuses to perform the information disclosure obligation, and has concealment and fraud according to law and regulations.

The relevant content of the annual report on the name, business address, legal representative, service scope, contact information, establishment of branches, website URL, administrative licensing and filing and its modification, continuation and administrative punishment of human resources service agencies shall be announced to the public. Accept social supervision.

(4) Strengthen the management of recruitment activities

 Human resources and social security departments at all levels must strictly manage on-site recruitment fairs in accordance with the law.
 They can guide and urge human resources service agencies to formulate organizational implementation measures, emergency plans and safety protection work plans in conjunction with actual implementation of advance report filing systems, and verify the participation in recruitment fairs and the truthfulness and legitimacy of its recruitment brochures.

The information of the recruitment fair to be announced to the public in advance, and the safety inspection of the recruitment fair site will be carried out effectively, and the safety responsibilities will be implemented. 

To regulate online recruitment activities according to law, guide and supervise online recruitment platforms to establish and improve information release review systems, perform information release review obligations according to law, strengthen the qualification certification of recruiters and the real-name certification of information release personnel, standardize the information release process, and ensure the release of The information is true, legal and effective. 

Guide and supervise the online recruitment platform to establish and improve the complaint handling mechanism. Publish the complaint reporting method on the obvious position of the website, and promptly investigate and handle the complaint report.

Find that the recruitment unit or the enterprise stationed on the platform has published false information or contains discriminatory content information, exaggerated Propaganda, without relevant qualifications and other violations of laws and regulations should suspend or terminate the provision of services, and immediately report to the relevant supervision and management department.

(5) Regulate labor dispatch services

 Human resources and social security departments at all levels should increase the publicity of relevant laws, regulations and policies on labor dispatching through various channels and methods. 

Strengthen the post-event supervision of the labor dispatching of labor, and promptly announce to the society the status of the labor dispatching unit obtaining, changing, extending, revoking, revoking and canceling the license. 

In the double random spot check and special spot check, the focus is on checking the labor contract between the labor dispatching unit and the dispatched worker, the equal pay for equal work for the dispatched worker, and the implementation of social insurance rights. 

Improve supervision methods, strengthen information sharing and collaborative supervision with market supervision and taxation departments, establish and improve information disclosure, credit evaluation, and joint disciplinary mechanisms, and use market mechanisms to eliminate non-standard labor dispatch units.

(6) Pay attention to preventing and resolving the risk of market disorder 

 Human resources and social security departments at all levels should proactively strengthen supervision and inspection. They should organize service object reviews and conduct.

They should accept complaints from the masses to promptly discover and correct violations and breaches of trust in the field of human resources to prevent the emergence of emerging problems into violations of laws and regulations behavior, individual problems spread to local or even general problems. 

To establish a warning interview system, there is a higher risk of violations of laws and regulations for non-standard services, more concentrated complaints from the people, and multiple violations of the rules, such as the legal representative, main responsible person, direct responsible person, etc. 

Carry out warning interviews, help them clarify the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, urge them to rectify and correct violations and breach of trust in a timely manner, and warn them to further enhance their awareness of law-abiding and honesty.

Pay attention to the role of human resources industry associations, explore the signing of industry autonomy conventions, implement the "red and black list" system, issue industry guidance prices, etc. on the basis of industry association initiatives, and strengthen industry self-discipline. For outstanding issues that strongly reflect the masses and have bad social impacts, we must promptly carry out centralized rectification to minimize the impact and harm.
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II. Strengthen labor security supervision and law enforcement

(7) Carry out special law enforcement actions to clean up and rectify the order of the human resources market

 Human resources and social security departments at all levels should strengthen coordination with public security, market supervision and other relevant departments, regularly carry out special law enforcement actions to clean up and rectify the order of the human resources market, and focus on investigating various types of human resource service agencies to release false information or information that contains discriminatory content.
Signing false employment agreements, illegally storing personnel files of mobile personnel, driving up human resource market prices, using professional intermediaries and labor dispatch activities to obtain illegitimate interests, and other illegal and illegal acts that disrupt the order of the human resources market surroundings. 

Typical cases of violations of laws and regulations in the human resources market with strong response to the masses and bad social impact, severely cracked down in accordance with the law and exposed in time, help workers and employers raise awareness of rights protection and prevention, enhance the deterrent effect of administrative punishment, and promote the legal operation and integrity of human resources service institutions service.

(8) Strengthen labor security supervision and law enforcement in key areas

Human resources and social security departments at all levels should vigorously promote "double random and one open" law enforcement supervision, carefully sort out and improve the list of supervision objects and inspection items in the field of human resources market, and clarify the basis, subject, content, and methods of spot checks. 

The list of random random inspection items is dynamically adjusted in accordance with the revision of laws, regulations and actual work, and it is announced to the society in time to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of supervision.

For human resource service organizations that have many complaints and reports, are included in the list of abnormal business operations, or have serious violations of laws and regulations, they should increase random random inspections, implement key supervision, and reduce market risks.

It is necessary to improve the daily joint law enforcement cooperation mechanism with public security, market supervision and other departments, implement disciplinary measures such as ordering to close or suspend business, revoke business licenses, revoke administrative licenses, list in relevant blacklists, etc., and supervise inspection results and administrative penalty information.

Announce to the public to create a fair competition market environment. Relying on the Internet and big data technology, promote the "Internet + supervision" informatization construction, build a market supervision big data platform, improve the efficiency of supervision, and improve the wisdom and precision of market supervision.

III. Improve the credit incentive and restraint mechanism

(9) Further promote the construction of the integrity system of human resources service institutions

 Implement the requirements of the "Interim Regulations on Human Resources Market" on strengthening the integrity construction of the human resources market, improve and improve the relevant systems of integrity construction, extensively conduct education and service activities on the theme of integrity, focus on resolving outstanding issues of integrity, and continue to focus on the integrity of human resources service institutions.

Promote activities, vigorously promote the culture of integrity in the human resources service industry, guide and promote human resource service institutions to consciously enhance the awareness of law-abiding integrity, continuously improve the level of integrity and autonomy, expand the reputation and influence of the human resources integrity service brand, and form trustworthy offices in the industry.

The common concept and good atmosphere of benefiting from credibility and credibility can continue to improve the people's satisfaction and sense of obtaining human resources integrity services.

(10) Build a trustworthy incentive and disciplinary punishment mechanism 

 Promote the legal classification management of credit information in the collection, sharing, use, disclosure and other links, and strengthen the restrictive role of credit on human resource service institutions. 

Establish and improve the credit evaluation standards and systems of human resource service institutions, and explore the establishment of a "red list" of typical institutions of integrity and a "black list" of severely dishonest institutions. Actively coordinate market supervision, finance, taxation, finance, news and other departments Implement incentives for law-abiding human resource service institutions in market access, investment and financing, bidding, government procurement, honorary awards, etc. 

Demonstration incentives of "list"

Strengthen the coordination between the "blacklist" system and market exit systems, and restrict or prohibit the untrustworthy human resource service agencies in terms of safety permits, production permits, professional qualifications and qualification review for severely unlawful and untrustworthy human resources.

Service agencies should implement market bans by revoking permits in accordance with the law, forming a joint disciplinary mechanism of "one dishonesty, limited everywhere", and effectively play a restrictive disciplinary role of "blacklist".

4. Improve the level of public services

(11) Continuously improve the level of public employment services

 Human resources and social security departments at all levels should improve public employment services, coordinate the distribution of service outlets, promote the extension of public employment services to grassroots, rural and poor areas, and promote services to cover urban and rural permanent population and various employers. 

Continuously improve the function of public employment services, timely release human resources supply and demand, market wage guidance price, vocational training, job placement and other information, strengthen career guidance and job introduction services, handle unemployment registration for unemployed laborers, and provide employment difficulties As well as providing employment assistance to workers in zero-employment households. 

It is necessary to combine the local economic and social development needs, human resource structure characteristics and the periodicity of human resource market supply and demand, organize public employment service special activities, organize interregional, urban and rural labor service cooperation, and promote the connection between laborers ’job search and enterprise employment.

(12) Strengthen the guidance services for enterprises' labor and employment

 All localities should implement policies and measures that encourage enterprises to stabilize and expand employment, and increase the implementation of policies such as employment subsidies, vocational training, social security subsidies, and enterprise stabilization.

 It is necessary to guide enterprises to further optimize the management of labor and employment, guide enterprises to establish a reasonable wage decision mechanism, and reasonably control labor costs. Promote enterprises to improve the employment environment, strengthen humanistic care, increase employees' sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise, and reduce the turnover rate.

 It is necessary to highlight the key points of support. For enterprises listed as major projects, priority is given to cooperation with vocational schools and technical colleges to carry out training of skilled personnel, priority is given to the quota of labor skills upgrade training subsidies, and priority is given to participating in inter-provincial and intra-provincial labor matching.

Human resources and social security departments at all levels should attach great importance to the management of the human resources market, effectively strengthen organizational leadership, implement management responsibilities, establish a coordinated and coordinated working mechanism, and form a joint work force. 

It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of risk prevention, innovate post-event supervision measures, strengthen the construction of the public service system, effectively regulate the order of the human resources market, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of laborers and employers, strive to create a good market environment, and better utilize the market to optimize manpower.
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