Corona Virus Outbreak in USA Condition

When the U.S. outbreak broke wild, the flu virus unexpectedly disappeared

At the time of the outbreak of the U.S. outbreak, the flu virus unexpectedly disappeared. At first, the outbreak only showed a large number of confirmed patients in China, but over time, confirmed patients have appeared in various countries.

 Some are, the diagnosis was made when traveling to China. This situation has also made many people diagnose that China is the birthplace of the virus. At this time, the number of confirmed diagnoses in the United States continued to rise, and the number of confirmed diagnoses in Italy was second only to China. By the time of the day, the number of people diagnosed in the United States had already exceeded 120,000, and the number of people diagnosed will also appear in large areas. 
You know, when US President Trump announced that he would increase the scope of testing for people, more and more people were diagnosed. More confirmed patients appear.

The number of people diagnosed on a single day per day is about 10,000. Yesterday, US official data reported that the number of people diagnosed on a single day in the United States has exceeded 20,000, which is almost consistent with the predictions of US experts in the past. 

After making statistics, it was found that at least 100,000 people in the United States have not been detected with the new crown virus. Once out of control in the United States, the epidemic will be delayed at least until July, or even longer. In this regard, US experts made caveat.

Supplies in several hospitals in New York City exhausted

Guoai Media reported on March 28 that the necessary medical supplies in several hospitals in New York City have now been exhausted. On the 23rd, New York City Zhang issued a warning. On the 24th Trump called Abe, Japan. United States was requested that be temporarily residing in the condition that Japan has sufficient supplies. 
If it is not the United States, it is a serious lack of resources. It is believed that the United States will not turn to Japan for help. Many cases of hospital nurses being infected have been reported in the country. It puts a lot of pressure on patients in the hospital.

New Crown Viruses or Coronavirus

Because the United States did not pay much attention to the epidemic at the beginning, a large area of ​​diagnoses appeared in the country, and more and more people were threatened. 
It was at this time that US President Trump announced that he would increase New crown virus detection, and at the same time, some elderly people who have already suffered from the two viruses are selectively treated. People who cannot be helped by doctors. 
When the nurse in the hospital takes off the ventilator, many people have already chosen to face Facts, but tears are left inadvertently.

Condition in America due to COVID-19

Regarding the trend of the domestic epidemic, Trump did not realize the seriousness of the problem at the beginning. He also said that after the symptoms appeared, he only needed to treat the new crown virus as an influenza virus. Trump chose to use this This method of stabilizing people’s hearts is a very stupid act. At the same time, it is also a failure of the United States in its prevention and control efforts. The United States has not been fully confident or unwilling to face the new crown virus epidemic. Now the United States epidemic is completely out of control. Trump is too late even if he regrets it.

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