Another Actress Announced Break Up

Another actress announced to break up! I was confident that my boyfriend would not change his mind, so I talked about the reasons and cried

There are many girls who want to have a stable family in their thirties. At this age in the Asian entertainment industry, there are still actresses who are still alone. There are also many people who hate to marry. The 31-year-old actress Lian Shiya is in love with her boyfriend Xu Hao. In 1949, when she had already planned to get married, the news of breaking up was reported recently. After the first response, the person broke down and cried, unable to restrain the sadness.

On April 12, according to the latest report from Hong Kong media, Hong Kong female singer Lian Shiya said she had broken up with her boyfriend peacefully at the end of last year.

Lian Shiya, who has a pair of long legs, became famous as a young person and was beautiful and beautiful. She was pursued by many talents in the entertainment industry. She has had scandals with Zhou Baihao, Guan Chuyao, and Yong'an Prince Guo Yongchun, and later with the 10 billion sparrow museum. Crown Prince Shi Hengcong had a relationship until 2017, because the cooperation song and music talent Xu Hao's feelings increased, from friends to lovers, he settled down to seriously talk about a relationship.

Although there was an experience of breaking up between the two, they still compound smoothly, and the relationship can be said to have been very strong.

Representation of actress Lian Shiya

Just two months ago, Lian Shiya also disclosed that although she had n’t seen her for two months during the outbreak, she still confidently pointed out that her boyfriend would not change her heart. , "Boyfriend is afraid of me, not I am afraid of him."

However, now that they have broken up peacefully, Lian Shiya said the marriage seemed to be farther and farther away from her.

A reporter asked, after becoming friends, there may be opportunities for cooperation. Will the two spark again? She bluntly said: "The two people have been together for so long, and some things are not particularly consensus."

Lian Shiya said: "Two people have different values ​​on certain things. I think marriage or a relationship sometimes requires a close view to continue. It is equal to a relationship. Only when we are together can we fully understand the person, but I think there are different views on certain things. It may be difficult to find a point that everyone agrees with. In fact, it is difficult to talk about marriage. "

Speaking of which, even Shiya couldn't restrain her tears, crying while talking.

It turned out that Lian Shiya, now 31, was eager to get married early and to have her own family, all because her parents broke up their marriage earlier than her childhood, and had already lived a cohabiting separation very early. There was a problem early.

After the parents divorced, she still kept in touch with her father in the first few years, but has lost contact in recent years.

Kitchen lady

She bluntly dreamed of being a "kitchen lady" and waited for her husband and children to go home every night. It was simple and warm.

The native family influenced her outlook on marriage, and she once thought that she would not be separated from her boyfriend. However, under the circumstance of yin and yang, this relationship was still going to break.

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