American Update for Coronavirus

Coronavirus Update: NBA suspended season after Utah Jazz players were positive for COVID-19

The rapid spread of coronavirus has led to the cancellation and delay of global sporting events. According to CBS News, as of Tuesday afternoon, there were at least 116,000 coronavirus cases worldwide. Although 64,000 people have recovered, more than 4,000 people have died. In the United States, several states are in a state of emergency, and some politicians and public health officials have proposed to cancel or ban public gatherings in coronavirus hotspots, including sports events.

With the playoffs in college basketball, the opening day of Major League Baseball and the NBA and NHL stretches approaching, the coronavirus will have a serious impact on American sports. Abroad, in some countries, European football matches have been played in empty stadiums without fans. This is a breakdown of the cancellations and delays of sporting events so far:


The NBA suspended the 2019-20 season. Earlier it was reported that Utah jazz player Rudy Gobert tested COVID-19. The game in progress on the evening of March 11 will be completed.

The league delayed the game between the Thunder and the Jazz on Wednesday. Players and officials were told to leave the floor while waiting for the league to make a decision, and then announced the news to the crowd who mocked Oklahoma City. Before the race on Wednesday, the team announced that Gorbert and Emmanuel Mudiai were absent due to illness.

Updates on Coronavirus in USA

According to an order from the San Francisco Health Bureau, the Warriors announced that they would play home games without the participation of fans. The order prohibited 1,000 people from participating in the game.

The league has provided players with advice on how to avoid the spread of coronavirus in contact-friendly sports. One of the suggestions is for players to avoid shaking hands after the game and stick to fist bumps.

The NBA announced on Monday that it would restrict the use of locker rooms due to coronavirus considerations.

College basketball

According to reports, Nebraska head coach Fred Hoiberg (Fred Hoiberg) was sent to the hospital after the team and the Indiana 10 big championship. The team subsequently announced that he had been discharged and had no COVID-19.

NCAA Chairman Mark Emmert (Mark Emmert) announced that all District I men ’s and women ’s basketball games will be played on a field without fans. According to Emmett ’s statement, only “essential staff and limited families” will be allowed to participate.

The first four NCAA tournaments scheduled to be held in Dayton, Ohio, as well as the first and second round of tournaments planned for Cleveland will be played without any fans. Prior to this, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that the state would ban mass gatherings.

The Great Eastern Championships will restrict the locker room access to student athletes, coaches, and important team members. The media can only be accessed during media interviews after the game

The Ivy League team canceled its conference game on Tuesday. Regular season champions Yale (men) and Princeton (women) will win the NCAA tournament bid. All exercises and games in the entire academic calendar will also be cancelled.

The college basketball tournament has been cancelled.

The Atlantic 10 conference is suspending the handshake of its conference game.

The Chicago State Basketball team announced last week that it will not participate in the last two regular season games.

In Baltimore, due to coronavirus-related fears, the third quarter of the men ’s basketball NCAA tournament held between Jeshwa University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute was held unattended. Fans are not allowed to participate in sports events. The only people allowed to participate are players, coaches, referees, employees and members of the media, so the official attendance rate is zero.

Summer Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics is the largest global sports event of the year, and organizers have expressed concern that the disease may cause problems.

Until the end of May, the status of the Olympic Games may be unresolved.

Japan ’s Olympic Minister Seiko Hashimoto then clarified that the IOC ’s contract with the country stipulated that the organization “only has the right to cancel the Olympics if no competition is held in 2020”, but it does not mention Specific dates.

The IOC reiterated its "full commitment to the successful hosting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games from July 24 to August 9, 2020."

The flame ignition ceremony in Greece this week took place without fans.

Major league baseball

According to reports, the Seattle Mariners and Major League Baseball are considering the Mariners ’first home game of the season against the Texas Rangers in Seattle as it nears the epicenter of the American outbreak

The regular season has not yet begun, but during spring training and in the foreseeable future, the locker room will be closed to the media to limit contact between players and members of the media.


The Maple Leaf team ceased air travel for European scouts, amateur scouts, and professional scouts across Europe. Team scouts who need to travel will travel by car.

The NHL regular season will proceed as scheduled until the last day of April 6, and the Stanley Cup playoffs will begin shortly thereafter.

Starting Monday, the coalition closed the locker room access to members of the media.

In particular, San Jose sharks were the first to suffer from a coronavirus outbreak. Santa Clara County health officials announced a temporary ban on all incidents that will cause large-scale gatherings and may spread the virus. The ban will ban marches of more than 1,000 people. This ban will last at least until the end of March and may affect the many San Jose shark games scheduled at the SAP Center in the coming weeks.

As long as large parties are banned statewide, the Columbus Blue Jackets can continue the remaining game schedule without fans.

College football

Both Michigan State and Ohio State University canceled spring football games


Seattle Dragons will host the Los Angeles Wildcats on Sunday without fans


Juventus announced on Wednesday that defender Daniele Rugani has tested positive for coronavirus, the first notable case of a professional athlete infected with the disease.

The Seattle Sounders delayed the game against Dallas on March 21.

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