From Yunnan to Guangdong's resumption of car, 1 Person died of Hanta Virus Infection

From Yunnan to Guangdong's resumption of chartered car, one person died of Hanta virus infection, will it spread?

Hantavirus News: On the chartered car from Yunnan to Shandong, one person died within one day after the diagnosis of hemorrhagic fever. The first nucleic acid test of the newcomer was negative. Is this related to coronavirus and what is Hantavirus? With the new domestic coronavirus epidemic becoming more and more stable, workers who return to the Chinese New Year during the Spring Festival also began to return to the city to work one after another.

In order to avoid frequent replacement of various modes of transportation, which increases the risk of infection, many workers use uniforms such as buses or airplanes. Although there was only one deceased Hantavirus on these two vehicles, the rest of the people on the vehicle who had fever and no physical abnormalities needed to be quarantined, except that the heat-fever personnel needed to be quarantined in the hospital, while the others were concentrated Isolation point.
Real Microscopic view of Hanta virus
Actual Microscopic view of Hantavirus

Hemorrhagic fever is a natural epidemic-caused disease 

In fact, the so-called hemorrhagic fever is a natural epidemic-caused disease caused by a person infected with Hantavirus. Hantavirus consists of three fragments: L, M, and S. It is a negative-strand RNA virus of the Bunyaviridae family and has an envelope segmented structure. For the new type of coronavirus of the nested virus type, its genome is a linear single-stranded positive-strand RNA virus. Obviously, Hantavirus is a completely different virus type from the new coronavirus.

In addition to the differences in virus classification and structure.

What are the differences between Hantavirus and new coronaviruses?

First, we can compare from the perspective of lethality:
At present, although the mortality rates of people infected with the new coronavirus are not consistent around the world. It is likely that many people have not been diagnosed, leading to inaccurate total infections.

At least, from the data in recent months, the lethality of the virus is about 2% to 4%. That is to say, although the transmission ability of the new coronavirus is super strong, everyone's symptoms after infection are not the same.

On the evening of the 23rd, the official website of the People's Government of Ningshan County, Shaanxi Province issued the description of the Death Incident of a worker on a chartered car Returned via the Nanjing-Kunming Expressway Ningshan Service Area said on the 23rd that a Hantan virus (hemorrhagic fever) was found in a bus worker who drove from Yunnan to Shandong to resume work in a bus.

The Ningshan County government said that at 4 am on the 23rd, Shandong Rongcheng Luyang Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. leased a bus from Shandong Weihai Longwei Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. (brand: Lu K00149), with 2 drivers, 1 medical staff, and 30 Migrant workers), in Mengding Town, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, returned to Shandong to work as migrant workers, passing through Ningshan County, Shaanxi Province, the medical staff on the train found that Tian Moumou discomfort, dial 120 for help. The local 120 first-aid center arrived immediately and took Tian Moumou and other 4 people from the expressway service area to the emergency department of the county hospital to treat Tian Moumou. Two fever patients and one accompanying person were treated in accordance with the new coronary pneumonia treatment procedure. Check. At the same time, local medical observation measures were implemented for all 29 other people in the same car.

At 7 o'clock on the 23rd, the patient Tian Moumou died of invalid treatment. The Ankang Disease Control Center of Shaanxi Province tested the deceased Tian Moumou, two feverish staff members, and one accompanying person for the first time for nucleic acid of new crown pneumonia virus, and all of them were negative. The deceased Tian Moumou Hantavirus (hemorrhagic fever) nucleic acid test was positive, and the nucleic acid test of other people were collecting and sending samples. At present, Ningshan County has issued notifications to relevant cities and counties in Shandong and Yunnan.

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