Worker Visa for Scarce Jobs in The UK

Want to live in the UK? Then don't miss a scarce job in the UK

Since September 2018, the UK Home Secretary and Director of the Environment Agency announced a new visa program for the problems of British farm workers: TIER 5 Temporary Farm Visa (FARM WORKERS VISA), promising to introduce non-EU regions across the UK Of farm workers have entered British farms to help solve the current shortage of temporary workers in British farmers.

The program is currently part of a pilot program that focuses on fruit and vegetable farmers in the UK, helping them hire migrant workers for up to six months of seasonal work. The current annual quota of 2,500 places is mainly used to alleviate labor shortages during peak periods.
As the countdown to Brexit enters, political sensitivities and enthusiasm for immigration and labor issues have risen. Employment and technology have been called media focus. Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled a new immigration policy framework that guarantees that the rules will take into account the needs of the British economy for skilled labour.

Who count as "skilled labor"?

She assured that after Brexit, immigration policies will prioritize high-skilled labor. In this context, the British government adopts a rougher job classification for immigrants from non-EU countries. Low-skilled jobs include:
Nursing staff, drivers, administrators, and secretaries
High-tech jobs include: construction and agricultural "technical" jobs, but there is no specific, medical and social service professional, such as social workers and occupational therapists.
The highest level of technical work includes teachers, scientists, engineers, and medical staff.
Britian Immigration for Job and Work

Seasonal farm workers are low-skilled workers, but they are needed in the UK.

Britain adds multiple scarce jobs:
Among the changes in the UK's Home Office's immigration policy, the addition of scarce jobs in the Tier 2 General visa is one of the highlights. Among them are four new scarce jobs in the digital technology field: Product Manager, Data Scientist, Senior Developer, and Cyber ​​Security Specialist. In the medical field, nurses are also included in scarce jobs. Also listed as scarce jobs are: executives of coal and energy industry companies, physical researchers, civil or mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, electrical engineers, IT engineers, artists, dancers, musicians, chefs, etc.

Several new short positions have been added to Tier2's scarce jobs, but only a small number of applicants are directly related to these occupations, especially in the more sophisticated fields such as digital technology. Although Chef is listed on the list of scarce jobs, the requirements are quite strict. Not only do chefs not be allowed to work in take-away restaurants, they must also have about five years of work experience and an annual salary of nearly 30,000 pounds. 

British or UK Jobs

In fact, in addition to the shortage of jobs in the UK and senior work visas for scientists and researchers at the doctoral level, it is actually more difficult for ordinary work visa holders to apply for permanent residence. Applicants who are required to hold a Tier2 ordinary work visa to live in the UK for 5 years under this immigration law change must apply for a minimum annual salary threshold of 35,000 pounds, which will be implemented from April 6, 2016, and will increase year after year. It is tentatively expected to rise to £ 36,200 in 2020.


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