Work Positions Based in Australia

Work Positions Based in Australia

According to British media reports, there are some jobs in Australia that offer generous six-figure salaries. No one wants to do these jobs, even though most Australian workers are struggling to survive.

It is reported that the current wage growth in Australia is very weak. But even if occupations such as ultrasonic inspectors, surveyors, and mining engineers provide attractive salaries in excess of $ 100,000, no one is paying attention.

From construction sites, mines to hospitals, at least half of these positions are still vacant, even though job hunting notices have been issued for six weeks.

For more than six years, Australia ’s annual wage growth has been below normal, but a large shortage of high-paying jobs still exists.

Ultrasound Examiner

The data from the job site shows that in Australia, the average annual salary of an ultrasound examiner is $ 120,000

Ultrasound examiners use ultrasound equipment to take medical images, which can be used to check a variety of conditions, such as pregnancy, female breast lumps, and cancer. They are also responsible for examining patients for heart or bone problems.

Australian job site data show that the average annual salary of an ultrasound examiner can reach 120,000 US dollars (about 850,000 yuan).

Although the annual salary of this occupation is twice or more than the average annual salary in Australia, applicants are still few.

The Australian Department of Employment and Skills said that only 27% of vacancies in the position of ultrasound examiner in Queensland were filled, while only 43% of vacancies in New South Wales were filled.

The government says vacancies in the public and private sector have become a headache for employers.

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Surveyor's annual salary is usually $ 103,000

At construction sites we often see surveyors using theodolites to determine the boundaries of buildings.

According to data from job search websites, the average annual salary for this type of job is $ 103,000 (about 730,000 yuan).

Even with this generous salary, Australia's New South Wales fills only 33% of vacancies. Finding suitable surveyors is difficult in Sydney and elsewhere.

The government said that construction activities such as strengthening foundations have increased the professional demand for surveyors in the past few years.

Mining engineer

Usually the annual salary of a mining engineer is $ 1,30,000

The annual salary of a mining engineer is as high as 1,30,000 US dollars (about1,00,000 Indian Rupees; 920,000 Chinese Yuan), but this does not seem to be enough to encourage more people to apply for this position.

Across Australia, less than half (48%) of the jobs for mining engineers are filled.

Since this year, the labor market for mining engineers has been tight, and the shortage is very obvious.

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Electrical Engineer

  Electrical engineer's annual salary is $ 103,000

It is difficult for employers to find enough job seekers who want to design electrical systems. Electrical engineers have an annual salary of $ 103,000 (approximately 730,000 yuan), but in New South Wales, only 52% of the positions have been filled.

The Ministry of Employment and Skills pointed out that the occupation of electrical engineers experienced a shortage of posts in previous years in 2019.

From mining to manufacturing to transportation infrastructure, electrical engineers are needed in all walks of life.

It is reported that applicants are particularly disappointed with the unqualified level of job applicants. On average, 16 people applied for electrical engineer positions, and only 2 were qualified.

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