What is Illustrated Blockchain Technology?

What is illustrated Blockchain tech?

The times are changing too fast. Waves of new concepts such as big data, blockchain, AI and artificial intelligence have dazzled us. In the constant subversion of innovation, the inexplicable anxiety envelopes everyone. Among the development of these new things, the most remarkable one is undoubtedly the blockchain technology. From nobody to anyone to everyone, everyone knows that blockchain has already become one of the most promising industries in the next five years. It is an emerging area where major financial institutions and top banks around the world are investing and chasing.

The blockchain can be said to be hot overnight, and the streets and alleys are discussing this emerging concept. It seems that whoever can't catch up with this new word can't keep up with fashion, but the status quo is that not so many people really Understanding the blockchain, most people's understanding of the essence of the word is still confused.

Still confused by listening to other people's explanations? Reading professional books is boring? How to easily and quickly understand the blockchain? This problem is worrying to many people.

Don't worry, the most easy-to-understand and most interesting blockchain illustration book "Illustrated Blockchain '' is here! This book is jointly created by industry celebrities Xu Xingxing, Tian Ying and Li Yiyue. Monographs in this industry. OK Group also provided a lot of data and theoretical support. "Illustrated Blockchain'' uses vivid and vivid language, in the form of comics and stories, to fully reveal the basic principles, applications and development prospects of the blockchain, telling readers what the blockchain is and what application value the blockchain has To ensure that readers can understand the blockchain in a second through a book. It has been praised by the industry as a popular science primer for the blockchain industry.

So what kind of blockchain world does this book contain?

"Illustrated Blockchain" reads the blockchain from four parts, explaining its origin, principle, characters, and specific applications.

This book mainly answers the question of what is a blockchain. The author Xu Mingxing believes that blockchain refers to the technology of collectively generating a series of ordered data blocks in a decentralized and detrusted manner with the help of mathematical algorithms and forming a reliable database. The essence of the blockchain is a distributed general ledger. Accounting bookkeeping is a traditional form of bookkeeping, but it is extremely error-prone and creates the risk of false accounting. There must be credit problems in this form of bookkeeping. However, the blockchain can solve the crisis of trust with three advantages. First, the ledger is infinitely large; second, each block is encrypted with a unique timestamp; third, decentralization, and everyone participates in bookkeeping.

A simple example in the book helps understand this concept. If in a family, the father will do the accounting alone, then he may steal a few packs of cigarettes, for fear that the mother will read it and not keep the account. However, if family members keep accounts together, this is an open and transparent ledger, which guarantees the authenticity of the contents of the ledger and cannot be tampered with. This easily solves the credit problem.
Illustrated Blockchain Diagram i Light blue color shade

If you want to see the future clearly, you must see the history clearly. In terms of the application principle and development context of the blockchain, the book also gives a detailed explanation, and also sorts out the historical development of the industry: those leading figures at the forefront of the era, and those historical events that promote the development of the era Does not affect the present and future of the blockchain.

Blockchain, as an independent frontier technology, is gradually penetrating into other fields and integrating with innovations from all walks of life. The book introduces the specific applications of the blockchain, and also gives us a good vision of the future. I believe that in the future, the blockchain will be used in any field and subvert our daily life.

Understanding the blockchain and understanding the blockchain can be more conducive to the development of this emerging thing. Perhaps it is the same as the popularity of the Internet in China in the 1990s. People always have a skeptical and wait-and-see attitude towards new things. If you want to develop a blockchain, it becomes especially important to popularize blockchain knowledge. I have to say that Xu Mingxing's move is of great significance for promoting the spread of blockchain knowledge and increasing the acceptance of blockchain links.

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