Virus outbreak, 5000 Flights Grounded in the US

Virus outbreak, 5,000 flights grounded: U.S. sends large number of passenger planes to huge aircraft cemetery

Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, all walks of life across the country have been greatly affected, especially the aviation industry has been hit very hard, leading to the grounding of thousands of aircraft worldwide, the aviation industry is facing huge losses, which has caused many aviation companies Companies are in danger of going bankrupt.

Due to the epidemic, the aviation industry is affected by the travel control of various countries and the decline in passenger travel demand. Many flights are grounded, and even if they are not grounded, there are very few passengers. The International Air Transport Association warned on the 24th that the new crown pneumonia epidemic meant a "catastrophic disaster" for global air operators.

According to the latest information released by well-known foreign authoritative media on March 25, so far, 5,000 flights have been grounded, and if the epidemic situation has not improved in the next few weeks, this number will even change. It's even bigger.

Epidemic could have an even worse impact on aviation

According to Robert Stallard, an analyst at Stereoscopic Research in the United States, the epidemic could have an even worse impact on the aviation industry than the current "terrible forecast." The most typical example is American Airlines Boeing.

People believe everyone knows that Boeing was grounded because of quality problems in many aircraft, and even orders were robbed. Now the new coronavirus has made Boeing even worse, the stock price suffered a severe hit, and the largest decline was tens of thousands. One hundred million yuan can be described as heavy losses.

Virus Outbreak in the USA

Because many of the airline's planes are grounded, putting parked airliners there has become the biggest headache for airlines. At large airports, the space for any aircraft that can be docked is occupied by airline aircraft.
The grounding of the aircraft means that there is no source of income.
Not only does it need to pay a large number of docking fees, but also the maintenance of the aircraft, which is also a significant cost.

In order to save costs, most airlines choose to park their aircraft in the desert. The absence of humidity, condensate, and salt in the desert environment can reduce the risk of corrosion of the fuselage or parts of the aircraft, leading to a surge in demand for desert parks in the United States and Australia. Facing supply and demand.

In addition, according to Harbinson, the chairman of the Aviation Research Center, "dry air is good for storing aircraft and it is cheaper than most airports." This is also the main reason why airlines choose to park passenger planes in the desert.

The United States has the world's largest desert park, located at Davis Monson Air Force Base in Arizona, and is dubbed the "Airplane Cemetery."

According to the Financial Times, due to the global spread of the coronavirus, Delta Air Lines plans to park about 600 aircraft, and at least 20 Delta aircraft have arrived at the 200-hectare desert shutdown facility Pinal Airpark operated by Ascent Aviation Services.

It is reported that the cost of parking the aircraft in the desert is about $ 30,000 each, and that the type of maintenance required pays an additional fee.

Airline cash flows will not last for 3 months

What is more serious is that most airlines are facing bankruptcy due to the severe impact of the epidemic. Earlier, the International Air Transport Association IATA estimated that 75% of airline cash flows will not last for three months, and the Asia Pacific Aviation Center CAPA said that by the end of May 2020, most airlines in the world will go bankrupt.

At present, Flybe, Europe ’s largest regional airline, has declared bankruptcy, and Compass, the US regional airline, has also announced that it has ceased business. Therefore, the epidemic has brought a huge blow to the aviation industry.

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