Singapore Malaysia apply International Arbitration over Water Tariff Disputes

Singapore and Malaysia apply for international arbitration over water tariff disputes

A prominent news portal reported in a statement issued by the Singapore government on Wednesday that the Singapore government is preparing to apply for international arbitration over a water price dispute with Malaysia.

Singapore ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “Kuala Lumpur has no right to raise the issue of water tariffs for Singapore ’s water supply” and emphasized that “the position on this issue remains unchanged.” In addition, the statement stated that “Singapore is ready to request an international arbitration body Analyze the conflict."
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The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned that in November last year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Mahathir Mohammed of the two countries "have determined that there are major differences in pricing", but agreed to continue work at the expert level.

In the middle of last year, the Malaysian Prime Minister stated that the price of water supplied to Singapore must be increased by 10 times. According to him, in Malaysia, the price of water from one province to another is 20 cents per thousand gallons (about 4500 liters), but for Singapore, the same volume of water supply is only 3 cents.
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Singapore does not have its own water source and Malaysia is the country's only water supplier. In 1962, the two countries signed a related agreement, which expired in 2061. The Singapore government believes that Kuala Lumpur does not have the right to negotiate the need to change pricing because an additional price memorandum was signed in 1987.

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