Screening Website in America for New Crown Virus

Trump is not reliable again: Is the New Crown virus screening website the same as what he said?

US President Trump said at a news conference that Google is setting up a new crown virus screening website to coordinate the huge efforts of all parties to help more Americans get tested for the virus. He said that the American people can fill in the location information on the website and then be directed to the nearest New Crown virus test site, and the website will be built "very quickly". As soon as this news came out, it immediately caught the attention of the media and local people. After all, in the information age and the epidemic, the service guidance function of such a website is self-evident.

But soon, the American media discovered that every time they were asked when the site was open, US government officials could not give a clear answer.

On March 15, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in response to questions from ABC news reporter Jon Karl: "I really don't know".

On the same day, in "Fox News on Sunday", Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, did not answer when Trump said that the website could be developed, and Fudge was clear Tell the moderator Chris Wallace: "Don't talk about the website for the time being", and talk about the testing ability of the new crown pneumonia virus in the United States.

Google New Crown Pneumonia Virus Screening Website Launch

On March 23, local time, the popular Google New Crown Pneumonia Virus Screening Website was finally launched. A reporter's research found that the site did provide people with some information about the new crown pneumonia virus. Google says people can find "country-based information, security and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and in-depth resources for individuals, educators, and businesses" on the site. Moreover, the site obtains information from "authoritative" sources such as WHO and the CDC. But President Trump's original claims that led people to virus detection sites were not on the site. Google says it will take a long time to get accurate test location information.

In fact, there are local US media reports that Trump's website may be another website developed by Verily, which is a parent company of Google. Verily said after Trump’s announcement that its website is “in the early stages of development”, the company is currently only promoting its website to California, and “over time” is looking forward to expanding it beyond California.

US technology companies are working

 Epidemic At present, although some large US technology companies are working to provide relevant support to fight the new crown virus epidemic, the current state of the United States is facing the problem of insufficient virus detection kits and medical infrastructure, and the federal government is unwilling to coordinate. In this case, anyone who wants to obtain accurate testing and medical information is not easy. It's no wonder that Fudge said on the TV show, "Don't talk about the website for the time being."
Google Screening Website in America for New Crown Virus
According to US media reports, millions of Americans are currently being suggested to socially alienate (or strengthen self-isolation) to curb the spread of the new crown pneumonia virus. Local media commented that the United States currently lags behind many countries including South Korea and the United Kingdom in virus testing.

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