Only Few Coronavirus Cases in India Comparatively

Only few cases! Why is India's coronavirus prevention and control so good? Is there any secret formula?

The origin of the virus this time is not in India, but India is only an imported virus. According to reports from India's health department, India still has only 3 cases of infection with new crown virus. And all three infected people have a history of staying in Wuhan. One of them is an Indian university student studying in Wuhan, and the other two are tourists passing through Wuhan. It can be said that the three cases of virus infection in India belong to foreign carriers, which is naturally not related to the entire Indian society.
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The Indian government's response after the outbreak was indeed relatively positive, and it was controlled as soon as possible, and virus carriers were found. In this way, the Indian government controlled the source of infection as soon as possible. After the Indian government cut off the source of infection, the virus naturally lost its way of transmission. In addition, the Indian government has taken some relatively decisive measures to reduce personnel exchanges with Wuhan and even our country, thereby reducing the chance of the virus entering India, which also ensures that Indian society will not have the possibility of a large-scale virus outbreak.

For India, in the face of this virus epidemic, it is not that India's public health conditions are good, but India cut off the source of infection in the first place. India is a country with a population of 1.35 billion, and public health conditions are not that advanced. According to World Health Organization statistics, an average of 10,000 people in India have 7 beds, while neighboring countries have a population of more than 1.3 billion, but they have 42 beds; each 10,000 people in India have 8 doctors, while neighboring countries have 18 doctors. It can be seen that the overall medical and health conditions in India are not adequate. If large-scale infections occur, it is clear that India is difficult to control the current situation.

India has highest population yet comparatively few cases

It can only be said that India knows that it has insufficient self-conditions to cut off the source of infection as soon as possible. It is really commendable. In this regard, the efficiency of the Indian government can indeed be praised. This is the most effective means to prevent large-scale transmission in India. Then the source of the infection was cut off and the virus did not spread. India has always maintained 3 cases of virus infection. This also means that India will soon eliminate the coronavirus epidemic in its territory.

Therefore, for the outbreak of an infectious disease, it takes a long time to develop an anti-virus vaccine. In order to control the spread and spread of the virus, the best way is to cut off the source of infection and cut off the route of transmission. And not staying out at home is the best way to cut off the way of transmission. After all, the virus is only spread through contact now. Then as long as you do not go out for a certain period of time, you can naturally cut off the transmission of the virus, so that the number of infected people will not increase, and the epidemic situation will be gradually lifted. What India did was the best step, and that was to cut off the source of infection, so India did not have new virus patients!

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