New Crown Virus is a Great Error Correction

Bill Gates: New Crown virus is a great error correction

Yesterday the British "The Sun" published an open letter from Bill Gates. This letter received great attention and was reposted by many people. People praised Bill Gates as a real wise man, and someone translated his open letter into their language world over as soon as possible.
There is a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens, whether we think it is good or bad.

What exactly does New Crown Virus do to us?

1) The virus reminds us that people are equal, no matter how cultural, religious, professional, economic or how famous a person is. We are all equal in the eyes of the virus, and maybe we should treat others equally. If you don't believe me, ask Tom Hanks.

2) The virus reminds us that our destinies are all linked, and what affects one person also affects another. The virus also reminds us that the false borders we have established are worthless because the virus does not require a passport. The virus also reminds us that although we are temporarily oppressed, there are still people in the world who are oppressed throughout their lives.

3) The virus reminds us how precious health is. But we ignore health, eat junk food, drink water contaminated with various chemicals, and of course we will get sick if we don't take care of ourselves.

4) The virus reminds us that life is short and what is the most important thing we should do, especially those who are already sick. The purpose of life is not to buy rolls of toilet paper.

5) The virus reminds us that our society has become material first. When we encounter difficulties, we remember that our basic needs are food, drinking water and medicine, not luxury goods of little value.

6) The virus reminds us how important family is, but we ignore it. The virus forces us to return to our house, so we can build the house into a family and build a strong family bond.

7) The virus reminds us that our real job is not the job we do. Of course we need to work, but God did not create us to work. Our real work is to take care of each other, protect each other, and help each other.

8) The virus reminds us that we cannot be arrogant. The virus also reminds us that no matter how great you think you are, no matter how great others think you are, a small virus can stop the whole world.

9) The virus reminds us that freedom is in our own hands. We can choose to cooperate and help each other, share, give and support each other, or we can choose to be selfish, hoarding and self-care. Only when it is difficult can one see the true face of a person.

10) The virus reminds us that we can be patient and panic. We can understand that this situation has happened many times in history, but in the end it has passed. We can also panic and think that the end of the world has come and hurt ourselves.

11) The virus reminds us that the epidemic is both end and start. We can now reflect and understand, and learn from our mistakes. The epidemic can also be the beginning of a cycle, and it will continue until we learn a lesson.

12) The virus reminds us that our planet is sick. The virus also reminds us that we must see how fast the forest disappears, and we must also see how fast a roll of toilet paper disappears from the shelf. We are all sick because our family is sick.

13) The virus reminds us that difficulties will always pass and then it will be easy. Life is cyclical, and now it is just one phase in the cycle. We need not panic, the epidemic will definitely pass.

14) Many people think that the epidemic of the new crown virus is a disaster, but I think it is a "great error correction".

New Crown virus

Viruses are just "catalysts", experts: the greater depression hits, gold is still a safe haven

Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, said on Tuesday (March 24) that the recent new crown virus pandemic has provided the necessary catalyst to eventually push our economy into a late "Great Depression".

Casey told that even though the virus has burst the bubble, the underlying problem is still due to poor economic fundamentals.

He said: "The hysterics of the coronavirus are not necessarily the hysterics of the virus itself, but the resulting hysterics. The second and third-order chain reactions have already begun. Such hysterics should have appeared long ago. , But don’t blame it on viruses, but blame it on very, very unhealthy fundamentals. It inevitably becomes imminent. ”

Casey warned that we are facing a greater depression and gold remains a firm haven.
So far this year, the Dow Jones (20704.9102, 2112.98, 11.37%) index has fallen by 30%. As investors scramble to raise funds, the precious metals and stock markets have fallen together.

The Fed responded to market turmoil twice by cutting interest rates, reducing interest rates to a level close to zero. Bond yields have also fallen to record lows.

Despite the market disaster, Casey said the severity of the virus has been exaggerated.

"The virus itself is not that serious. I don't know how serious it will be, but it is not very serious in my opinion," he said. "I am really shocked by the hysteria of those in power. They are actually crazy."

He added that the correct response is not to force segregation, but to let people act in their own best interests, which will lead people to naturally stay away from each other.

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