Is New Coronavirus Poisoned in India?

New coronavirus has been poisoned in India, is it?

At present, the new crown virus is almost raging around the world, and South Korea, Italy and Japan have panicked, but India is quiet.
In the beginning weeks of COVIUD era, a news report of a coronavirus outbreak in India has isolated more than 3,218 people. With everyone's knowledge of India, its health status, living environment and national organizational capabilities, many people worry that the epidemic will be out of control in India.
Coronavirus poison or no poison thought

But two days later calmed down, India declared victory over the coronavirus, and then, this matter was left unattended, it was really left unattended.

The new crown virus that has panicked Japan and South Korea and kept WHO awake at night is completely ignored in India.

In fact, not only this time, the dirty and messy environment in India has always existed, but apart from the Spanish flu in the early 20th century, there has been no major outbreak of infectious diseases. What is the reason?

What makes India so powerful? Japan and South Korea are panicking, but the third brother is so powerful that it seems to be invincible.

Of the 654 Indians who retreated from Wuhan, all tested negative in the latest virus sample test.

We can analyze the following reasons of COVID immunity of Indian people

01. Poor environment and poor hygiene habits have led to a strong immune system in India. This can be taken as an example. If a person has been living in a closed environment purified from microorganisms, once he leaves this environment and comes into contact with realistic air and water, he may soon hang up, because his immune capacity is almost never used and upgraded too.

The Indians drink Ganges water that has been soaked in rubbish, wipe their farts with their hands, and make food in a variety of fly-flying environments. People, It's all right. The world went to India for a business trip and drank India. Of water, almost no disease.

For India, just a toilet can enable Indians to open the invincible mode of fighting microbes.

India is the country with the largest number of open toilets in the world, with up to 620 million, and is the best place for microbial fermentation. Air pollution is even more daunting. New Delhi ’s air index has soared to more than 20 times the safety index. Ganges water contains 100,000 counts of E. coli per 100 milliliters of water, all garbage, sewage, cremated bodies and chemical waste. It's all in there. But people should eat and drink.

There were experiments by French people. Doctors put cholera bacteria into the Ganges water. As a result, the bacteria were killed, and the virus in Ganges water was even more.

Average Life Expectancy of Indians and Asians

 The average life expectancy of Indians is lower than that of China, Japan and South Korea (India's average life expectancy is 68.3, ranking 125th in the world). For example, for example, primitive people have never taken medicine or injections. 
The virus and bacteria that coexist on the body must not be acceptable to modern people. Their immunity is stronger than modern people, but the average life expectancy is less than about 30 years.

After scientific research, the physical immunity of Indians is indeed stronger than that of other ethnic groups. Under the influence of the environment, India has genes that can activate killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors, which can be killed by identifying diseases. Pathogens to protect the body from disease.

02. For a long time, Indian religious traditions and folk customs have made them less apt to see death

Yes, people who have died thrown into the Ganges. It's basically not a thing.

I have been to the holy city of Varanasi. Here, people have piled up wood on the Ganges for thousands of years to burn the bodies of dead people-we are sitting on a boat watching the smoky fire on the cremation pile on the shore, and not far away, the wedding is taking place, Lively and secular celebration music permeates the air. On the one hand, death and transcendence, and on the other hand, the marriage and the birth of children, and the secular world, are so vividly placed together.

What can impress us was the crowded, noisy, dusty road that reached the Ganges, and the easy-to-get-out, twisty, narrow path that leads to the Ganges. We spent a little money to get an Indian to lead the way, and we went back and forth smoothly. 
While another group of friends groped their own way, they lost their way, and the person who carried the corpse came to the area where the body was burned. The lost friend said that his legs were frightened at the time.

Yeah, death is always a horrible thing to the Asians, and here death is so commonplace. People here have faith, believe in the afterlife, and have no fear.

These are closely related to the unique culture of India. First of all, all the people in India are very concerned about the fantasy world and relatively indifferent to the real world. 
On the Ganges, we often see the burning of corpses, but the Indians see It is the ascension of the soul of others and the redemption of sin.

The idea of ​​karma reincarnation has also been widely spread in India. This has also allowed them to wash in the Ganges for a long time. It is considered to cleanse the body and the mind. Only in the Ganges can the soul be found and the soul purified .

Cremation by the Ganges was the best ending for Indians. It is the road to heaven.

Combining the above points, Ganges has become a big killer of Indian war epidemic.

03. In most regions, the level of science and technology is very limited and the level of medical treatment is low. Even if they are infected with the new crown virus, they are still treated as a cold. Therefore, for most areas, the epidemic may have broken out, but they think it is just a common cold.

Therefore, India is indeed very powerful in these aspects, the attitude towards coronavirus is to look down on life and death.
Viruses like Corona and HIV

In the end, they chose a co-evolution strategy that relied on the human population itself and the viral bacteria.

Some netizens comment that the new crown virus has been poisoned in India!

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