Neutral is the New Trend in US Cosmetics Market / Industry

Neutral is New Trend in the U.S. Cosmetics Industry

 In the US cosmetics market, a “genderless” (genderless) trend that breaks the boundaries between men and women is rapidly emerging. 'Genderless' has two meanings, one refers to a bisexual person who is a comprehensive gender of men and women, and one refers to a neutral person who is pursuing transcending the concept of gender between men and women. It indicates to consumers that there is no specific gender. Recognize all gender-conscious brand characteristics.

Neutral, the New Trend in US Cosmetics Market

Women's cosmetics have always been mainly reflected in packaging with a light floral and fruity scent combined with pink and pattern designs. In contrast, men's cosmetics are mainly described in text such as 'for men, homme' and packaging containers such as black and blue. To highlight men.

A person from kotra stated that “clear product lines and marketing in the past actually meant that women could not use men’s products, and men banned the use of women’s products. Now they are breaking the gender gap and considering only physical characteristics or preferences. Trends are prevailing and products that break the boundaries between men and women And marketing trends will continue to increase."


Market demand for neutral fragrances

In the same situation, women's perfumes have been mainly fruity or floral, while men's perfumes have mainly musky fragrance. Nearly the market demand for neutral fragrances such as woody fragrance and leather fragrance is increasing. 'acqua di colonia muschio' and 'vetyverio eau de parfum', a French perfume brand diptyque, are representative unisex fragrances for unisex.

Neutral Latest New Trend in US Cosmetics Market Industry

Makeup has no gender

Mac, tom ford beauty, marc jacobs and other brands have launched unisex product series. In addition to traditional sellers have launched gender-free cosmetics series, brands on the market continue to emphasize genderless identity. A formal neutral cosmetics brand has been born. The American brand fluide emphasizes ‘makeup for everyone’ and uses people of various gender identities as models. The British cosmetics brand jecca also slogans ‘makeup has no gender’. 
At the same time, South Korea launched laka, a cosmetics brand for men and women last month, which emphasizes the unisex makeup concept and will expand with the Korean makeup trend to expand the neutral market.

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