NASA Reveals Results Boeing Starcraft Test Flight Failure

NASA unveils results of Boeing Starcraft test flight failure

A News Agency in Washington, March 6th, NASA released on the 6th the survey results of the failure of the first test flight of Boeing's "Interplanetary Aircraft", showing that Boeing needs to take 61 "corrective actions" and it takes months to repair them Defects in this manned spacecraft.

Failure Reveals NASA Results on Starcraft

NASA said at a telephone conference on the 6th that the 61 "corrective actions" had both organizational and technical problems. The investigative team also found 49 "missings" in software testing. A preliminary investigation report released last month showed that software defects or the main reason for the failure of the first test flight of the Boeing "Starcraft".

NASA Deputy Director Douglas Lovero said: "At that time, the situation was imminent and the ship was almost lost twice during the mission." He said that NASA will first evaluate Boeing's rectification plan before deciding whether the "Interstellar Aircraft" An unmanned test flight is also required.

On December 20 last year, Boeing ’s manned spacecraft “Interstellar Aircraft” did not enter its intended orbit during the unmanned test flight, so the original plan to go to the International Space Station was cancelled, and it returned to Earth in advance on the 22nd of that month. Landing of the White Sand Missile Range. NASA and Boeing then set up a joint investigation team to investigate.
Representation of the unmanned test flight

When Boeing announced its fourth-quarter earnings report at the end of January, it revealed that the company had reserved $ 410 million for the second unmanned test flight.

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