Million Jobs in Australia Govt Saves Working People

1.25 million jobs! Still worrying about work? Australian government saves working people

Earlier this morning, the editor received a message stating that after the election, the economic situation in Australia was a decline in the stock market, a depreciation of the Australian dollar, a decline in wages, and a decline in the number of graduates. Australia has fallen from the paradise of working people to become a wage destroyer.
However, Scott Morrison, as the re-elected Federal Chancellor and his government, bears the good reputation of "employment government" and always brings benefits to the Australian people over and over again.
Since there are still many areas of work and types of work in Queensland that require various talents to fill, the Australian version of The Conversation reported that the Morrison government promised to provide more than 1.25 million jobs to Australians in the next five years.
Jobs are millions in Australia you should not be worried of them
The Australian government has in fact introduced a variety of measures to attract more talent to fill job losses. For example, to encourage more immigrants to go to remote areas, there are not only a variety of welfare subsidies, but also a policy of over benefit immigrants.
 However, it still cannot satisfy the situation of employee unemployment or brain drain.

Australian unemployment rate has been about 5% in the past year

According to the latest ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) labor force demographic chart released in December 2018, the unemployment rate has been about 5% in the past year, while the full-time employment rate has increased. This means that although more companies have opened full-time or part-time positions, the unemployment rate still accounts for a large proportion.

In addition, the underemployment rate also increased in the month of December, at about 8.4%. In view of the continuous influx of Australians, whether it is immigrants or residents who temporarily work in Australia, employment is a great problem.

After all, regardless of the enterprise or small and medium-sized companies, the scale of expansion and operation are limited. If we rely on these companies to solve more labor problems, there is absolutely no government to actively increase the number of jobs.

Morrison says a strong economy is the foundation of everything else. That is to say, the economic foundation determines the superstructure. Without a substantial economic improvement, it is difficult for Australia to make greater achievements in other areas, such as national health, junior high education or agriculture.

Over the next few months, the Prime Minister and his government are about to take the following steps to stabilize the idea of ​​the 1.25 million positions he has proposed. These include:

  • Provide ample budget
  • Limit the reduction of taxes in various industries
  • Use reliable and affordable energy whenever possible
  • Provide a suitable and stable workplace
  • Continue work skills for every generation
  •  Make big companies responsible, effective recruitment and employment
  • Provide more opportunities for exporters to sell products overseas

Although these expectations are difficult to implement or achieve under the existing conditions in Australia, Morrison said that the position he wants to provide is a stable source of income for low-income families, and workers can commute to work on time within the prescribed time. At the same time, you can spend more time with your family and children after work. At the same time, he hopes that after providing jobs, residents can live near their work units and spend more time on work instead of daily commuting.
Millions of Jobs in Australia


Morrison has good ideas for jobs and the facilities that need to be realized, but looking back at the various dragged industries throughout Australia, the Australian government's actual work efficiency, we can only hope that the federal government will really The expected position can be fulfilled as soon as possible, so that more Australian residents have a stable and healthy job.

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