Current Global Affairs News on March 10, 2020

Current World Affairs News on March 10, 2020

1. China successfully launched the 54th Beidou Navigation Satellite. Global constellation deployment will be completed in May

At 19:55 on March 9, China successfully launched the 54th navigation satellite of the Beidou system at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center using the Long March IIIB carrier rocket. The satellite smoothly enters the planned orbit, and subsequent orbital changes, on-orbit tests, test evaluations, and timely access to the network will be provided to provide services. This is also the second geosynchronous orbit (GEO) satellite of the Beidou-3 satellite navigation system, which is nicknamed "Jixing" by scientific researchers. This launch mission is the first battle of the Long March 3A series rockets after the Spring Festival and the 110th launch of the Long March 3A series rockets. This is the 29th global networking satellite of BeiDou-3 and the second geostationary satellite. Such satellites play a key role in special services such as satellite-based augmentation, short message communications, and precise single-point positioning. The construction of the BeiDou system has gone through three phases of the BeiDou 1 system, the BeiDou 2 system, and the BeiDou 3 system.

At present, the four test satellites of Beidou-1 have all been retired. Starting from the first star of Beidou-2, China has launched 54 Beidou navigation satellites, which is only one step away from the completion of Beidou-3 system.

The Beidou-3 system consists of 24 medium-circle earth orbits, 3 geostationary orbits, and 3 inclined geosynchronous orbit satellites. It is understood that the last geostationary orbit satellite will be launched as planned in May this year, at which time the deployment of the Beidou III global constellation will be fully completed.
Successfully launched 54th Chinese Beidou Navigation Satellite

2. Up-to-date situation of new coronavirus pneumonia as of 24:00 on March 9

At 04:00 on March 9, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 19 new confirmed cases, 17 new deaths (17 in Hubei), and 36 new suspected cases. 
On the same day, 1297 new cases were cured and discharged, 4148 were in close contact with medical observation, and 317 severe cases were reduced. 
As of 24:00 on March 9, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 17,721 confirmed cases (among which 4794 were severe cases), 59,897 were cured and discharged and 3,136 died.
A total of 80,754 confirmed cases were reported, with 349 suspected cases. A total of 675,338 close contacts were tracked, and 16,982 were close contacts in medical observation. 
There were 17 newly confirmed cases in Hubei (17 in Wuhan), 1152 newly cured and discharged cases (896 in Wuhan), 17 new deaths (16 in Wuhan), and 17151 confirmed cases (15732 in Wuhan). Among them, 4701 were severe cases (4471 in Wuhan).

A total of 47,585 discharged patients were cured (31,829 in Wuhan), a total of 3,024 deaths (2,404 in Wuhan), and a total of 67,760 confirmed cases (49,986 in Wuhan).

There were 13 new suspected cases (12 in Wuhan) and 246 suspected cases (230 in Wuhan). At 04:00 on March 9th, 2 newly confirmed cases were imported (1 in Beijing and 1 in Guangdong). As of 24:00 on March 9, a total of 69 imported confirmed cases were reported overseas. 
A total of 170 confirmed cases were reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 115 cases in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (60 cases discharged, 3 deaths), 10 cases in the Macao Special Administrative Region (10 cases discharged), 45 cases in Taiwan (15 cases discharged, 1 case died).

3. The Boao Forum for Asia postponed the 2020 annual meeting

The Boao Forum for Asia issued a statement on the 9th, announcing the postponement of the 2020 annual meeting. The statement said that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Boao Forum for Asia has firmly supported governments and people of all countries in fighting the epidemic. In order to support and cooperate with national governments' anti-epidemic measures, in the spirit of being responsible for the health and safety of participants, and after consulting with the host country ’s Chinese government, and approved by the Council, the forum decided to postpone the 2020 annual meeting. The forum firmly believes that the epidemic will eventually be overcome.

The statement said that the forum will play its role as a platform to hold important thematic conferences such as the second session of the Global Health Forum, the first session of the Global Forum for Economic Development and Security, and the first session of the International Forum on Science and Technology and Innovation, in order to promote the global fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic and promote Make due contributions to economic and social development.

4. Li Keqiang sent a message of congratulations to Malaysia's new Prime Minister, Muhiddin.

 State Council Premier Li Keqiang called Mukhiddin on March 9 to congratulate him on his appointment as Malaysian Prime Minister. Li Keqiang stated in the message that China and Malaysia are traditional friendly neighbors and important partners, and bilateral relations have maintained a good momentum of development.

We look forward to working with you to continue to deepen China-Malaysia comprehensive strategic partnership, promote joint construction of the "Belt and Road" cooperation to achieve greater results, push China-ASEAN and other regional cooperation to a new level, and better benefit the people of the two countries and regions.

5. Li Keqiang chaired a meeting of the Central Leading Group for New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation.

On March 9, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Premier of the State Council, and leader of the Central Leadership Group for New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation presided over a meeting of the Leadership Group. Wang Huning, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and deputy leader of the Central Leadership Group for New Pneumonia Epidemic Situation, attended the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important speech, follow the deployment of the Central Leadership Group to respond to the epidemic, continue to step up prevention and control work, further prevent the cross-border spread of the epidemic, and implement measures to resume work and orderly To encourage real hard work, to abstain from formalism and bureaucracy, and to coordinate the advancement of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

The meeting pointed out that the current situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, especially the rapid rise of the epidemic situation in Wuhan is under control. It is hard-won, but the situation is still complicated. It is necessary to continue to develop a good momentum, grasp the precise prevention and control of zoning and classification, and resolutely prevent the epidemic from rebounding.

 At the same time, in the face of new challenges brought by the rapid spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic abroad, it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation and do a good job in immigration prevention and entry, which is conducive to an orderly and safe international movement of people.

It is necessary to promote the advancement of border crossings, strengthen the sharing of immigration-related information, coordinate and promote the health inspection of people who come to China in the country of departure, and do a good job of aircraft cleaning and disinfection, crew protection, health declaration, temperature detection, and prevention and control during flight. Enter risk management measures by classification. Strict implementation of port health quarantine and prevention and control of entry-exit personnel.

While strictly controlling the export of epidemic conditions, inspection, transfer, treatment, and isolation of immigrants such as confirmed cases, suspected cases, and close contacts determined by the health and quarantine department should be implemented in accordance with regulations And observe measures, and strengthen humane care. Establish a coordination mechanism with relevant national education departments to suspend or reduce the two-way flow of overseas students.

Do a good job of guiding and assisting the prevention and control of epidemic situation of Chinese citizens abroad. Ports with a large number of entry and exit personnel, such as Beijing, must implement meticulous exit and entry epidemic prevention management in accordance with the law.

The meeting pointed out that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, all nations in the country have worked hard to form a strong joint force to fight the epidemic. Cadres at all levels, especially leading cadres, must follow the requirements of overall prevention and control of epidemic situation and economic and social development, and take the initiative to act in a more solid manner. They must be encouraged to work hard, overcome difficulties, and dedicate, and refrain from formalism and bureaucracy. To prevent perfunctory coping and bullying, and ensure that the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council are effective. We must persist in seeking truth from facts, accurately release all kinds of prevention and control information, and respond to social concerns in a timely manner to prevent concealment from falsehood and fraud.

Strengthen communication and coordination between departments, and focus on solving practical problems in epidemic prevention and control, orderly resumption of work and resumption of production, and guarantee of basic livelihood for the masses. Practical results should be emphasized at meetings and when papers are issued. Strengthen data sharing to prevent duplicate reporting. Improve inspection and supervision methods, understand the facts at the grassroots level, and avoid simple accounting records and report forms as the evaluation criteria for work implementation. Prevent simple and brutal law enforcement and extremes, and improve the ability to prevent, control and govern according to law.

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