Chinese Students in France Cheated by Wearing Fake Masks

Chinese students in France cheated by wearing fake masks

The Chinese Embassy in France stated on its official WeChat public account on the 7th that some international students of Chinese nationality in France recently reported through social media that they were punished by the "police" for violating the "Malaysian Mask Law" because they wore masks in public places, and Fined. The Chinese embassy and consulate in France have verified with the French police and legal personnel that the above situation was caused by impersonation of the police. It is not illegal to wear a mask for health reasons.
Chinese Students fake Masks Threat by French

In addition, some overseas Chinese who have traveled to France reported that illegal elements had impersonated government epidemic prevention personnel and entered the homes of overseas Chinese to carry out robbery.
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The Chinese embassy in France reminds Chinese citizens in France to raise their awareness of security and precautions, and guards against illegal elements who use fraud, robbery, etc. to prevent epidemics by impersonating the police or government officials. In case of emergency, please call the police in time or contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in France for assistance. 

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