Chinese Government Ranks First in the World 3 consecutive Years

Global Poll: Chinese government ranks first in the world for 3 consecutive years

Client of China Youth Daily, Brussels, March 6th (China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Ju Hui, EU reporter) On March 3rd, local time, Edelman, a well-known international public relations consulting company, announced at the "2020 Trust Summit" held in Brussels The Chinese government's trust in the people of the country has been ranked first in the world for three consecutive years.
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Edelman is the world's largest public relations consulting company. The Trust Summit is its flagship event, which is being held for 20 consecutive years. Ambassador Zhang Ming and former Danish Prime Minister Schmidt were invited to attend this "Trust Summit". More than 200 EU officials, diplomats from various countries in Europe, and representatives of European companies, think tanks and the media attended the event.

Survey Holds China Govt 1st

Edelman released the "Trust Barometer 2020" report at the "Trust Summit". The results of its trust survey of 34,000 respondents from 28 major economies around the world show that the Chinese people trust their government. As high as 90%, it ranks first among major economies in the world for the third consecutive year. Ranked second to fifth are India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Indonesia. In contrast, the US government has only 39% of the trust of its people, far below the global average.

Government Functions in China

Ambassador Zhang Ming delivered a keynote speech entitled "Enhancing mutual trust, building consensus, and seeking common development". Zhang Ming said that people's trust in the government is the foundation of the country's development and prosperity and mutual trust between countries is the cornerstone of world peace and stability. The "Trust Barometer" report released by Edelman shows that the Chinese government has won the high trust of the people and is second to none in the world. This trust stems from the Chinese government's insistence on putting people first, being responsible for the people, and dare to take responsibility. In the 70 years since the founding of New China, a series of historic achievements have been made. The Chinese people have truly enjoyed the fruits of national development. The socialist system with Chinese characteristics has shown great superiority. 
China Govt on Corona virus Efforts

Zhang Ming pointed out that in the current prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The Chinese government has put the lives and health of the people first, and is highly responsible for global public health security. Close cooperation has been highly praised by the World Health Organization and the international community.

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