Australia short of job rankings. This job is the hardest to find!

Australia is short of job rankings, this job is the hardest to find

Overall, the vast majority of advertising jobs in Australia have been recruited within a month.
According to the latest analysis report published by the global recruitment website, in terms of the completion of the recruitment rate within the month (30 days), Australia and the United Kingdom are in the leading position in the world, with the recruitment completion rate reaching 70% within the month.

For the United States, only 56% of jobs will be recruited within the month. In Germany it is 51%.
Recently, the employment situation in Australia has continued to improve. The total employed population reached a new high. In addition, Australia has maintained a sustained increase in new employment in the past 13 months, the longest period since June 1994.
Hard to find jobs in AustraliaThe Reserve Bank of Australia and Macau (RBA) has stated that the shortage of skilled workers has begun to appear as the unemployment rate continues to decline. According to it, the performance of the job market continues to strengthen, and the growth rate of wages may increase accordingly.

However, Chris McDonald, managing director of job search site Indeed, said that the job market is still “employer market”. But for some positions, such as environmental health officers, the job market is dominated by job seekers. According to statistics, more than 48% of such posts remain vacant within two months.

Most difficult position to recruit

In addition, most vacancies belong to the medical industry, such as radiologists, dentists, healthcare professionals, home caregivers and medical reception staff. In the "most difficult position to recruit", although the GP ranks fifth and has an average salary of 256,680 Australian dollars, the hiring ratio of GPs is still more than 12 times.
DMcDonald said that Australia's GDP data showed that the healthcare industry is "one of the rising industries" of the Australian economy.
He said, "Given that the baby boomers are getting older, there is a growing demand for medical services. It is not surprising that this phenomenon has occurred."

In addition to the medical service industry, the food service industry is also a rising industry. With the Australian federal government cancelling the 457 technical visa, chefs have been understaffed.

Another position with a shortage of staff is a "recruitment consultant".
McDonald said, "In order to promote innovation and promote economic growth, countries around the world are trying to attract the best talent. In this context, highly skilled recruiters who can recruit the right people at the right time are also in short supply."

"According to statistics, employers' demand for recruitment consultants, especially senior recruitment consultants is 11 times the number of job seekers. Therefore, the rate of uncompleted recruitment for this position is still as high as 26.5% within 60 days."
Difficult to find jobs in Australia
South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory rank high in terms of month-to-month recruitment completion rates across Australian states / territories. Recruitment completion rate in both places reached 73% in the month. It is followed by Queensland (72%), Western Australia, Doria and Tasmania (71%). 

The lower rankings are New South Wales (69%) and Northern Territory (68%). In other words, these two states are the most favorable for job seekers.

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