Asian Comparison of Civil Services Jobs among Countries

Within Asia Comparison of Civil Service Jobs

India: Thousands of troops welcome the "hardest" national test
Sangram Singh has graduated from the prestigious University of Jawaharlal Nehru in India for one year and is currently receiving pre-service training for civil servants as a Deputy Commissioner of Police in Uttar Pradesh. Indian civil servants specifically refer to middle and senior officials who have a certain decision-making power in the government. Once admitted, it means that they can enter the upper class and are real social elites. So many Indians, especially college students are willing to work hard.

Singh told this reporter: "The position of a civil servant is not something that can be won simply by passing an exam. I choose a civil servant as a lifelong career with inherent motivation to contribute to social welfare. This profession gives me ample opportunities To solve the problems encountered by the grassroots. "

Mr. Singh described the civil service exam as "the most difficult national test in India." First, the exam size is large and the admission rate is low. About 900,000 people took the test this year, but there were only 1,000 positions. Second, there are no qualifications for the exam, and competition is particularly fierce. In India, there are no qualifications for civil service exams, and different professions and education qualifications can be taken. The competition is fierce. Third, there is no outline for the exam, so there is no way to review it.

From the perspective of the examination process, the Indian civil service examination is divided into three stages:

preliminary examination, main examination and interview. The first test is to test the candidate's basic common sense. The main test is to write three strategies. In addition, there are qualification exams in Hindi and English. The interview is to examine the comprehensive quality of the candidates. The entire exam takes one year and covers domestic and international current affairs, economics, psychology, etc. In Singh's words, this process is painful and long, a contest of knowledge and a test of patience and perseverance.

High difficulty means high risk, and high risk means high profit. This is evident from Singh's satisfaction with the treatment.

As a new civil servant, his monthly salary is 60,000 rupees and the government gives a house with a car and a driver. In addition, there are various subsidies. In addition to statutory holidays, each year can enjoy one month of paid leave, 20 days of medical leave, 20 days of half paid leave and so on.

However, the working pressure of civil servants is also very high

So Indians say that doing this job requires political ideals, as well as determination and wisdom. Attracted by civil service treatment and enthusiasm for national public affairs, Indian college students and various groups with stable occupations have become the main force of the national civil service examination, especially the college student group, and have enough time to prepare for civil service examination.
 Staya, a student at the University of Delhi's political department, is part of the civil service examination army. He told this reporter that he was preparing for the examination of a central civil servant, hoping to be a diplomat. Staya said that because there is no exam outline, there is only a comprehensive review, and at the same time focus on the exam questions that are tested each year.

Gustaya said that he wanted to try his luck despite the crowds of canopy bridges.
Civil Services Jobs in China

In recent years, the recruitment of Chinese civil servants has remained high, and the competition for the hottest positions has even been “one for every mile”.
Stable work and perfect security systems have always been one of the main reasons why many people choose to apply for civil servants. Is the civil service position so popular abroad? What is the civil service system and treatment? The reporter takes you to find out.

Mexico: Civil servant onboarding comes from multiple sources

"There is no such test." Anna Garcia, a civil servant in the city government of Teorojocan, Mexico, responded to a reporter's question about the "civil service exam".

In many local governments and public sectors in Mexico, grass-roots civil servants are mostly recommended by senior officials, while senior officials are selected by the highest officials of the local government. Local officials come to power through elections. Those who contribute to the campaign will often be promised positions. Once local officials are elected to power, they will honor their promises to those people. Of course, if the people they support lose the election, their expectations will inevitably be "empty."

In addition, there are still some positions that are reserved for hereditary members of the system. Only a small number of positions are offered for open competition. Anna has joined the ranks of government civil servants from her campaign assistant status.
Jobs of Civil Service Nature in Mexico
The Mexican government has three levels of civil servants: federal, state, and county. Data show that there are about 1.7 million federal-level civil servants, 2.23 million at the state level, and 990,000 at the county level. Anna said her experience was not uncommon among third-tier government civil servants.

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