All Countries in the World Civil Services Servants Competing with Each Other

Civil servants in all countries in the world are competing with each other

There is competition of salaries and salaries of civil servants from various countries. Let’s watch it.

I. India-the hardest exam in the world

There are two reasons why civil servants have become popular positions in India.

First, similar to traditional Chinese concepts, civil servants are also considered to be a “glorious ancestor” and a “decent and decent” industry in India.

Secondly, good salary and high social status are the main reasons for Indians to apply for civil servants. Therefore, civil servants have naturally become a "dramatic" position for many, and many children want to enter the upper class of the country.

In India, from the point of view of the recruitment ratio, the number of civil servants recruited by the state is very small, the competition is extremely fierce, and it is said to be "the hardest test in the world".

The "National Examination" is organized by the Indian Federation of Civil Servants Committee. Once a year, hundreds of thousands of people register for the examination each time. However, only 300-600 people are admitted in the end, and the admission rate is about less than 1%.

There is very little chance of successful admission to the civil service. 
In addition, from the perspective of the examination, it is divided into three stages: 

  1. The preliminary test
  2. The main test
  3. The interview

The test procedures and test questions are more complicated and trivial than other countyries, and the degree of competition is no less than other countries! In comparison, other countries civil servants are just "small witches see big witches".

Real Comparison of Civil Services and Servants in Countries of the World

II. France-the most subsidized country

In France, the civil service subsidies are absolutely amazing. There are even 25 or more kinds of subsidies, including clothing and shoes subsidies, underwear subsidies, jewelry subsidies, and bicycle subsidies. Tongue, unexpected. Such a form of subsidy can make French civil servants comfortable in food and clothing, and nourish the Senate, so people naturally rush to civil service positions. Nowadays, more and more masters students are competing for the post of technical secondary school diploma, and the post examination in the communication room actually shows the appearance of a doctorate, which makes the French civil servant exam questions more and more demanding.

III. Germany-easy work and long holidays

In Germany, civil servants are divided into three levels:

  •  Junior
  •  Intermediate
  •  Senior

Once hired, they work 40 hours a week, enjoy 13 months of monthly salary and 30 days of paid leave until retirement, during which period they cannot be dismissed. It's a veritable "iron rice bowl" job.
According to statistics, the monthly salary of junior civil servants in Germany is about 2,000 euros, that of intermediate civil servants is about 3,000 euros, and that of senior civil servants is about 4,000 euros. What's more, monthly salaries can be as high as 8,000 to 10,000 euros!
 In addition, in Germany, where all types of insurance and tax systems are complete, civil servants are not required to pay endowment, medical, and unemployment insurance, and they can also enjoy the same pensions and medical subsidies.

As we all know, in China, the civil service exam is equivalent to the second-largest national exam. Each year, it attracts millions of candidates to register for the exam. The spectacular scene is no less than the college entrance examination.

Due to the stable establishment and good salary treatment in various aspects, civil servants have been titled "iron rice bowls" and "eating royal food", and have become the envy of most young people. Increase year by year. But looking at the world, is it not as difficult for civil servants to test? Is the treatment so high as legendary? Which country ’s civil service exams are more attractive?

After looking at the welfare of civil servants in so many countries, are you still depressed for the examination of domestic civil servants? Which country do you think is the best? Please Comment Below:

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