Natural Ways to control High Blood Pressure without Medication

Most Effective Natural Ways to control High Blood Pressure without Medication

1.       Lose excess weight and observe your waistline

2.       Perform Physical exercise regularly

Symbolic Heart with Lifeline in Motion, pictoral view
Heart Symbol

3.    Eat well and a balanced diet for BP Control                                                                                             
                                                                              –  Write down your daily diet  

                                                                              –   Eat potassium diet      
                                                                              –    Be a smart customer

4.       Exclude Sodium in your diet for Blood Pressure Control   
                                                – Choose Low Sodium Products

                                                – Intake Natural Foods

                                                – Consume less salt in your diet  

               5.       Intake alcohol as medicine only

6.       Is Smoking bad for Heart? Yes.

7.       Reduce caffeine Intake for Healthy Heart

8.       Stress management Techniques for Healthy Heart

Heart Diagram Showing both Real Type and Representative Type
Heart: Diagramic View

9.      Monitor your Blood Pressure at Home and visit your Cardiologist Regularly

10.   Self  Care under High BP

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