Aadhaar Card - SSN (Social Security Number / Aadhaar Card Number) Real Analysis

Aadhaar Bill 2019

 The Aadhaar and Other Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was passed on Monday 8 July 2019 which allows voluntary use of Adhaar for opening bank accounts and purchasing phone SIM Cards. Now the UIDAI or Aadhaar Authority van also give directions to any entity in the Adhaar ecosystem. 

This amendment bill also facilitates a penalty of up to One Crore Rupees for any breaches related to Aadhaar data. The amendment bill also facilitates use of aadhaar number as KYC under the Money Laundering Act and Telegraph Act voluntarily.

Unique Identification Authority of India vs Public

Under this amendment bill now in some cases people can alos register complaints for abuse of aadhaar while earlier only UIDAI could do it so that courts may hear the case.

Aadhaar Link to PAN

The Adhaar PAN link last date was extended from 31st March 2019 to 30th September, 2019. However, it is known to be mandatory to to link Aadhaar with PAN for filing IT Returns. Thus we can understand the significance of PAN Adhaar link status as government focuses on for its full control over citizens. Thus, to comply one needs to do PAN aadhaar link online. And in any case those who are unable to link aadhaar with PAN can also seek professional help through accountants and service centres.

Colored Symbol of Adhaar SSN
Adhaar Logo

Impartial and Independent Activists View

The activist says that for Genuine Human Development and to come out of regression Indian mass should be wise and inculcate the right mindset. There are some basic flaws in the mindset of people created by the incompetent politicos and babus which need to be corrected for being accomplished, advanced and happy humans.

Like, people fuss on good attire of their ministers which is pure degenerations. If minister is ill clad among other global ministers then they will not be able to secure a good deal for their country and will be looked down upon. Some people inculcate this sentiment among public that their leaders should be poor but then they will be able to secure poor deals if they appear downtrodden before others. Rather politicos should be made to dress up well and made to give up corruption sternly, and should never ever be allowed to repeat if they default.

Most humanitarians and those who known as genuine human rights activists advise to stay away from Adhaar as far as possible for human development, sustenance and dignity.

Story Before Aadhaar Bill of 2019

In addition being the nation with the biggest railway system in the world, India now has the record for having the largest biometric ID system in the world. Aadhaar, the 12 digit unique identity system uses biometric and demographic data of Indian residents under the direction of the Unique Identification Authority of India, also called UIDAI.

It was a topic of controversial proclamations and heated debates ever since the Supreme Court verdict of 2013, which made it clear that the government should not deny any social or welfare services to Indian citizens as Aadhaar is only voluntary and not mandatory. Yet, the government previously passed the Finance Bill of 2017, which made it mandatory to have an Aadhaar number to pay taxes. This, when added to alleged leaks of personal information via the Aadhaar database and the issues of privacy breach, made every Indian question the necessity of Aadhaar. More than often, the government policies were contradictory to the Supreme Court verdicts. Thus Aadhaar came to be ridiculed as an ‘optional but mandatory’ system in social media. Some even compared into the equations put forth by the Austrian scientist Schrodinger , which had similar conflicting variables.

About Aadhaar

Before reaching a final verdict, let’s dig a bit into the legalities and shortcomings of Aadhaar.
Aadhaar uses the biometric details of  the individuals who enrol. Thus it provides a unique identification  approach that can eliminate the frauds in distribution of government benefits. The biometric identity ensures that only the true recipient receives the aids.
Adhaar is encrypted to ensure security by the government or UIDAI
Encrypted Adhaar as Known to be

The former Deputy Director General of UIDAI says that Aadhaar is an “accessible and convenient” method for citizens to avail these benefits. No third party can claim these since they will need to prove a true match of the retinal scan and the fingerprints during security checks.
This is also intended to provide the citizens with a single ID that will help them gain access to all and every service provided by the government. It will act as an irrefutable proof of identity in all situations.  This also helps the thousands of citizens of India who doesn’t have ID proofs due to lack of valid credentials. Such residents were said to no longer need to carry several documents in order to prove their identity. The need to carry multiple identity proofs, each to serve a specific and varied purpose was said will be eliminated.

Some apparent benefits of Aadhaar before 2019 Bill

Having a single and unique ID that can serve multiple purposes will also save the government a lot of expense, both in giving out proper identification to its residents as well as in distribution of benefits to the right individual.

As per the Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYogna, Aadhaar card can be used as an identification proof and main document evidence to open bank accounts, though they have now been regarded as optional by the Indian Supreme Court, yet it is reported that bank staff insists on Aadhaar illegally. They can also be used to buy mobile SIM cards, though optional again.

Because the population of India is counted in many millions, the expense of providing everyone with a unique ID is very high for the nation. However, the reports of the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy says that the money put into the effort will exceed the benefits that the nation will gain in long term. 
A lock Picture representing Privacy as said by Unique Identification Authority
Privacy it Super most

Amid allegations of privacy breach and security threats, authorities who have managed the Aadhaar system repeats the statement that the data bases of Aadhaar are not connected to internet. They claim the complete safety of individual details and add that Aadhaar cannot be used as a system to monitor people. The twitteratis had taken it upon themselves to ridicule and slander the new ID system with comparisons to the Orwellian culture and the concept of ‘Big Brother’ as mentioned in 1984, the Utopian novel by George Orwell. It was stated by the government authorities that Aadhaar doesn’t use any information other than the “logs of authentication” taken from individuals with permission.

Supreme Court’s Interventions Earlier

The Supreme Court on multiple occasions pronounced judgements that made the Aadhaar not mandatory for availing public services in India. The 2017 Financial bill pretty much made it clear that anyone who doesn’t not have an Aadhaar number cannot pay their taxes and therefore will become criminals under the eyes of Indian law. This raised lots of voices against the Bill, especially because it violated the Supreme Court verdicts. Aadhaar authorities compared this compulsion to getting a passport in India. The encryption is said to be present right from the authentication stages, to ensure safety of data. “If you want to travel, you need a passport. You can travel without a passport also.”

The Aadhaar Act

In 2016, the government passed the infamous and much debated Aadhaar Act. While Aadhaar system and the Aadhaar Act are two different entities, therapy are very much intertwined. The security concerns of Aadhaar and the possible privacy breaches were not issues of concern until the introduction of Aadhaar Act. The Act states that, “that a District Judge or higher court may force the UIDAI to reveal a person's identity information but not the core biometric information.”  It also allows an official with the rank of Joint Secretary or higher to access a person's identity information including core biometric information, if the official has an order issued in the interest of national security by the central government. The catch in the clause of the Act is that it does not define the term ‘national security threats’. This could lead to misuse of the personal information under UIDAI or to privacy breaches of the persons as feared. 
Red color thumb showed downwards facing

The Government’s Ploy?

Even though the SC deemed Aadhaar to be a non-compulsory ID, the several further amendments made by the government, for availing welfare scheme or tax payments, make the ID system indirectly mandatory for anyone who wishes a free life in India. Also, there have been severe allegations that the policy of Aadhaar violates basic human right, Privacy, in collection the data. The recent orders issuing time limits for linking Aadhaar number with bank accounts and mobile number have added to public resentment. It is also supposed that with bank details linked to Aadhaar, the account details like transfers and balance would be accessed by hackers. Similar concerns related to duplication of SIM cards have been raised related to Aadhaar linking. 

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