Case Study on Social Entrepreneurship these Days

Case Study: Seropt Cab Booking. Attaching Cab or Taxi

Seropt is a social entrepreneurship aiding high quality and low cost service for travelers and Easy & Quality Livelihood or Earnings to vehicle owners or entrepreneurs. Seropt helps intended vehicle owners in securing collateral free and guarantor free loans under MSME Schemes without margins and without any bribe to the bank staff whether directly or through financial consultants or CAs.
Seropt also helps by free MSME registration and free project report and free assessment and filing services to the entrepreneurs. Seropt also helps in securing any clearances without bribe.
Taxi Showing Seropt Sign
Seropt Taxi Booking Service App

The entrepreneur has to agree to take bookings from Seropt app only and no other app. Entrepreneurs may take direct booking as well from customers but without any app or service, except Seropt.

Business Plan of Seropt Cab Booking App

The entrepreneurs will have to deposit Rs. INR 50, 000 with Seropt as a security against violation of service terms, particularly by using other apps, after taking all free services at Seropt's cost and making agreement with it. This security deposit is fully refundable after the expiry of the contract term of the vehicle secured with Seropt's help.

Usually, this agreement period is 5 years but entrepreneurs can fix the repayment period lesser than 5 years and contract with Seropt ends with that lesser period. Say, an entrepreneur determines to repay in 3 years to the bank then they will have to sign contract with Seropt for only 3 years after which they may work with any such service provider as Seropt, provided they have fully re-payed to the bank or Financial Institution for their vehicle.

In this case the security with Seropt also becomes refundable after 3 years only at the face value at which it was deposited with Seropt. Any delay in re-payment of security deposit to the entrepreneur after 90 days of expiry of contract shall entitle them an interest @ flat 5% p.a.
Showing Taxi Top with sign for Taxi or Cab booking through phone or computer
Seropt Cab Booking App
Seropt's commission on the drives shall be 14% only of the fare that too after taxes. Seropt shall not seek any share from the vehicle owner unless they have attained business of at least INR 2, 00, 000 of bill value i.e. including taxes through Seropt regardless of the term when they achieve this much of business.
Usage of any other app part from that of Seropt during the contract period shall be treated as fraud and a crime u/s 420 and 120B of the IPC.
At Seropt, the business is done in mutual interest and with ultimate faith in each other with all positive business attitude.
Showing Trucks carrying load from place to place. Simulating Truck Booking via Serpot App.
Freight Booking
Seropt also provides freight booking though Trucks within India.
Seropt app look simulation for an idea how cab booking through mobile or computer looks.
Seropt Car Booking App Simulation
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