Dermal Fillers, Cosmetic Resurrection

Face Lift and Skin Rejuvenation for Youthful Looks using Dermal Fillers

The word “derm” has its inheritance from the Greek term derma that in common term means skin or hide. Now, what are dermal fillers? These are, to be precise, injectable substances or tissues used to fill in lines and wrinkles of an ageing human skin, iron out age old scars caused by burns and physical accidents. 

Skincare and Beautycare by Dermal Fillers

The medical treatment rendered by the relevant process is purely an external cosmetic pattern taken care of and in no way related to a cosmetic surgery. These are sometimes used with PRP (treatment)- Plasma Rich Platelets.
Before and after Skin Treatment Pics
Before and after Fillers & PRP

Why is it required for Skin Rejuvenation?

As people grow older, their skin attracts manifold layers and wrinkles caused by loss of elasticity and collagen. These physical reactions lead them to a state of sagging and gaunt appearance. Also, sometimes younger persons bear the brunt of this particular disorder. Case studies and researches, in this respect, unravel the truth that dermal fillers are a much sought after option in comparison to an invasive surgery which is both much expensive and time consuming. Sunken cheeks and the hollows below the eyes irrespective of ages can also be eradicated by virtue of this treatment because post injection, it smooths out and plumps up the skin.
Face locations changed due to age shown up on Facial Skin
Aging Signs

The treatment Process to follow

The treatment is simple. A calculated and measured quantity of fluid or substance is taken off the concerned syringe and injected on to the affected area. The period of treatment depends upon proper examination by the physician and subsequent advice. However, the effects can last for as log as six months to two years, depending upon the nature of filler if it is permanent or non permanent.

Advantages of Skin Fillers that you’ll get

Dermal fillers, if used judiciously with the help of a recognized physician, can do miracles but for a limited period of time.
·       Dermal fillers can be of help in reversing the effects of ageing. In other words, we can portray this process as an anti ageing therapy, to say the least.

·    It recovers the lost components of the skin and brings back the facial color to near originality.
·       It is, being purely a non surgical treatment, skin depressions caused by natural wrinkles are reduced. It is worth mentioning here that by nature, the human skin is caught up with age factor and the skin loses its smoothness gradually and alarmingly as well.
·       Also, by its use, that natural collagen structures in the skin can be restored to a great extent.
Injecting Facial Fillers to Remove Folds and Wrinkles
Nasoloabial Filling

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Risk factors that are associated with Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers have gained popularity in recent time. But how safe is its use?
·       When the effect of dermal fillers ceases to exist, the problem begins. As the skin starts sagging, the permanent fillers stay intact, leading to an awkward facial shape and structure. This leads to an unnatural distorted look.
·       Secondly, the subject therapy is not a permanent solution in course of reducing age which prevails naturally over a human body contour.
·       Post injecting the doses, people often complains of the side effects such as bruising, redness, itching, mild pain etc.
facial Folds corrected after Skin Fillers Treatment
Improved Folds


Irrespective of the inherent risk factors, the dermal fillers are more preferred to cosmetic surgery due to the simplicity of treatment and people, who desire to opt for short term solution, can vouch for this particular skin therapy. However, you can not compare dermal fillers with cosmetic surgery which a long term treatment with an emphasis on permanent remedy.

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Before and After view of Lips and face as Fillers Injected for Youthful Looks
Lips Augmented by Fillers

 Note: This information is only meant for generic informational purposes should not be treated as a professional advice.

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