Best Election Contestant Against BJP's Rajnath...?

Election Contestant in Lucknow Lok Sabha Elections 2019 against BJP Candidate and sitting Home Minister of India

Kawaljeet Singh and President of Naitik Party Talking
Kawaljeet and CB Pandey

Naitik party Prez & Kawaljeet discussing
Kawal Explaining Public Problems

Sardar Kawaljeet Singh proving his Election Competence to Naitik Party Prez

Sardar Kawal proposes Lok Sabha candidature to Naitik Party President, awaiting disposal from the latter.

Kawaljeet Singh states about his meeting with National President of Naitik Party CB Pandey proposing his candidature for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 in India.

He proposes low budget election candidature with no black money involves in Elections so that no burden of corruption vests on the public or voters. He states that it is mortifying to reveal that one is from a political party or is a politico as persona of politicos is extremely dismal. Politics was never supposed to be bad but the best and noble of all professions a politicos are public representatives, but as their conduct is so degenerated that it has given a bad name to this noble profession. He states he will be able to bring back politics to its genuine state with all dignity it deserves for being public representation.

Sardar Kawaljeet Explains Cause of Farmers' Suicide in India

Kawal Explains that real cause of farmers' suicide is Corruption in Public Sector Banks. Suppose a Farmer borrows INR 5, 00, 000, he gets only 3, 00, 000 as rest is taken by corrupt government or Public Sector Bank babus as bribe and he has to repay entire 5, 00, 000 and the interest is also on entire 5, 00, 000, but working with mere 3, 00, 000 he cannot repay entire 5, 00, 000 as principal and also interest also on 5, 00, 000. Thus his account is bound to turn NPA. After this he get notice form bank about attachment of his land and he gets panicked to be leftover with nothing. This way he has nothing to live and is bound to suicide. The government simian sharing filthy cream of corruption with governmental bank babus supports them and obscures the real cause of farmers' suicide. He vows to curb Public Sector Bank babus corruption and save farmers lives, come what may.

 Sardar Kawaljeet Singh Exposes Actual NPA Offenders

Sardar Kawaljeet Singh exposes the actual NPAs (Non Performing Assets) offenders. According to him Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya are not NPA offenders as they have right to seek Loans and they must have sought in accordance with proper procedure in guidance of Government bank babus and they are no how offenders.

The actual NPA offernders are Public Sector Bank babus who sanctioned loans out of the way and only they have the right to give. As they gave out of the way they are fully responsible and not the borrowers as they are only agents of bank babus to take bank's money out of banks and must have got trifle commission for presenting their loan files to banks.

As a matter of fact few borrowers have been used as covers to hide full length of NPAs and only a portion has been highlighted and for which also bank babus will not be punished as the borrowers have given guarantees much more than borrowings, its merely to give cover to all NPAs that people like Vijay Mallya have been used as shields.

Kawaljeet Singh exposes dirty nexus between government bank babus and the Government machinery that protects its Bank Babus and hides their corruption and shares the filthy cream of hot money.

Sardar Kawaljeet explains travails of Business people and workers whose economy is captured by incompetent politicos and he calls all political donors to refrain from huge donations which lead to bribery by the governmental sector, he urges to rather pass on those benefits to own business and customers for own economic development rather than destruction.

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