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Indian Premiere League Betting in India


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Indian Premiere League Betting and Sports Fixing Controversy

IPL is the acronym for Indian Premier League. It is an annual league that is held in the Indian subcontinent. Numerous teams come together to represent cities and play cricket. Please note here that cricket is not even and Indian game originally but the English influence has been such that the masses have flocked to watch these matches. However, it is not that the local players get to represent their city.

There is an auction that is held where players are bid for. That is where team owners get their chance to buy players. This also means that there is no fixed period for which a player will be with a team. For example, if one player is playing for Kolkata Knight Riders a particular year, then he may be playing for Mumbai Indians the next as well.

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Now, there has been a record where it is clearly visible to each and every-one in the audience that the match has been fixed. This is because players are easily missed catches and so much so, they are actually letting go of a match that is already won. Literally, the masses have seen matches change direction in the last over. Though cricket viewers know that this is totally possible genuinely, this is not the case with IPL. This is not the problem. The problem is that match fixing and betting are illegal in India.

Betting Legal in Many Countries

Betting has been legalized in a number of countries but India has always argued that it is unethical and kills the true spirit of true sportsmanship.  Arguments have taken place at the national level as well stating that this problem can be solved totally if only it is legalized. But, the State definitely has other plans.
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Betting in Sports

It was 2013 when the case of match fixing gained a lot of fame and came to limelight. That was also the year when a number of players were found to be guilty and a team in the top form that had to experience the removal of a player was Chennai Super Kings.
Betting in Cricket Sport Game

It is a team that has been headed by the captain of the Indian team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Though Captain cool was found to have a clear record, this was not the case with all of his team mates.

IPL is Same Way as Betting in Games like Rugby

A Rugby matcgh going on with players Playing the Game in Field
A Rugby Match


International as well as local level bookies were found. There are those people who take money as well as pay money to ensure that particular teams win the match. This calculation is done on the basis of the teams playing and it is taken into account that where the match is being held and where there are chances of getting maximum profits from betting. Recently, in 2018, it was found that Kolkata Knight Riders received maximum bets each time they played ontheir home ground, that is in the City of Joy, in Kolkata.

Another top team to have been under investigation with regard to betting and sports fixing is Rajasthan Royals that is owned by Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra. 

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